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Akttive Fat Burner Recall

Another Over The Counter Diet Drug Recalled Due To Potentially Dangerous Ingredients


Akttive High Performance Fat Burner Gold Capsules are now under a national recall after FDA testing found unlisted ingredients in a sample.

These include:

  • Sibutramine – an appetite suppressant that was banned from the US market in 2010 because of the increased risk of seizures, heart attacks and strokes.
  • desmethylsibrutramine – a component of the antidepressant drug sertraline
  • Phenolphthalein – a laxative not approved for use in the US as it may be carcinogenic

Because the ingredients found were not approved for use in this product, High Performance Fat Burner Gold Capsules are now considered an “unapproved new drug for which safety and efficacy have not been established.” (FDA)

What is High Performance Fat Burner Gold?

Fat Burner Gold is marketed as a weight loss supplement promising 100% natural ingredients. The product was available to distributors as well as online directly to consumers. It is claimed to work as a metabolism stimulant and appetite suppressant marketed to both men and women seeking to lose weight and eliminate unwanted fat.

For now, their website, lists the $119.95 Fat Burner Gold product as “out of stock” .

While no complaints have yet to be filed, consumers that used this product may have been under an unnecessary risk. The unlisted ingredients may interact with other medications the user would be taking. They may have experienced gastrointestinal issues, heart problems in addition to the potential cancer risk with long term usage. It is unclear how many may have been harmed as there was no previous link between the fat burner and any medical emergency the patient may have experienced.

As if now, Life & More, LLC, the parent company of Akttive, has voluntarily recalled 783 bottles from the lot tested by the FDA that were distributed from January 2012 – July 2015. The recall may be expanded based on future findings.

Our Firm Is Investigating Possible Financial Claims Against Manufacturer

If you have used Akttive High Performance Fat Burner Gold and were diagnosed with seizures, heart attack, stroke or developed cancer after long term use, we would like to hear from you. We are investigating possible claims against the manufacturer for not disclosing to the public and the FDA potentially dangerous and banned ingredients.

We are also representing clients harmed by another weight loss drug, SlimQuick.

D. Miller & Associates PLLC represents injury victims nationally. If you feel you have been harmed by a defective medication or medical device, we encourage you to contact us immediately for a free evaluation of your claim.

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