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Public School Bus

Public School BusMonday, December 7 a 13-year-old girl jumped off a moving school bus after a fight with another classmate. The bus was traveling south on the Gulf Freeway in Galveston, Texas when the girl hit the emergency exit button on the rear door and purposely jumped out onto the highway.

The students on the bus were traveling from an alternative school in Texas City. According to the bus driver, two female students were fighting on the bus. The driver pulled over, separated the two students placing one near the front of the bus and the other girl in the back. Shortly after the driver resumed driving on the highway, the girl in the back opened the emergency exit and jumped out while the other students watched.

The unconscious girl was taken to UTMB in critical condition. Unfortunately, she succumbed to [...]

Tips To Avoid A Thanksgiving Accident

Millions of Texans Will Be Taking To The Roads This Holiday
Car wreck

Car wreckAs we prepare for the big Thanksgiving feast, remember that millions of us Texans will be taking to the roads to visit our loved ones.

According to The National Safety Council, 360 people lost their lives because of a traffic accident on Thanksgiving Day in 2013. They predict that this year from Wednesday night through Sunday, approximately 433 will be killed while 52,300 people will suffer serious injuries due to a vehicle crash.

That is why along with getting the food ready to share, we need to be prepared if traveling for the holidays.

AAA Texas has estimated over 3 million Texans will be traveling over 50 miles from their home during Thanksgiving weekend, so expect the major thoroughfares to be crowded. Before you [...]

Speeding Truck Kills Pedestrian

Woman Killed In Crosby, Texas After Truck Driver Loses Control
Airbag deployment after accident

While no one will argue that most vehicle accidents could have been prevented if the drivers were following the rules of the road, IE not talking on their cells phones, speeding or driving erratically. However, we see accident victims everyday that were just simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.

For example, a horrible accident in Crosby, Texas that occurred on Monday, July 27 around 2p.m. involved a truck driver who lost control, possibly after suffering a medical condition and an unlucky woman crossing the driveway of a fast food restaurant.

According to the Harris County Sherriff’s Office, the driver of a 2008 Chevrolet pickup was traveling north on F.M. 2100 at a high rate of speed when he crossed over the southbound lanes jumped a curb and hit the pedestrian. The truck continued moving, hitting a utility pole and trees before coming to a stop. The woman hit, died at the scene [...]


Auto accidents can cause serious personal injury and even result in wrongful death which is why you need a skilled car accident lawyer. Every  car accident lawyer at the personal injury law firm of D. Miller & Associates, PLLC has extensive experience in auto accident cases. We are prepared to fight for your rights as a result of auto accidents. Our attorneys fight the insurance company for YOU, we have decades of experience in personal injury cases and we can help you get results.

Personal Injury and Death Rate Statistics for Auto Accidents

According to the Texas Department of Transportation, almost 3,000 people died because of vehicular accidents in 2013. In these same accidents over 200,000 people suffered personal injury. The estimated economic loss as a result of these auto accidents is $25,700,000,000.

Based on reportable crashes in 2013:

  • 1 person was killed every 2 hours 36 minutes
  • 1 person [...]
Truck Accident

18 wheeler accidents cause catastrophic personal injury every day. Even worse, 18 wheeler accidents can result in wrongful death! 18 wheeler accidents and the resulting lawsuits differ from standard car accident cases in that there are often many complicated legal issues surrounding 18 wheeler accidents. Hiring a good 18 wheeler accident lawyer is key, since 18 wheeler accidents can involve corporate interests and even federal regulations.

Around 5,000 Americans are killed every year in truck accidents, while over 150,000 serious personal, burn and brain injuries are sustained as a result of 18 wheeler accidents. 438 truck accidents, more than any other state occurred in Texas in 2003. 18 wheeler accidents are undoubtedly extremely dangerous. 75% of fatal 18 wheeler accidents involve collisions with other vehicles.

18 Wheeler Accidents Statistics and Causes

The Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS) and the Motor Carrier Management Information System (MCMIS) preliminary national crash statistics indicate that over 60,000 personal injuries were [...]

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