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New Study Shows Risk Of Second Vaginal Mesh Surgery

1 in 30 Women May Need Revision Surgery
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Approximately 1 in 30 women opting for vaginal mesh surgery to treat urinary stress incontinence will have to either remove or replace the mesh within 10 years according to this study.

On September 9, 2015, JAMA Surgery published online the results of a 10 year study at Western University in Ontario, Canada. Researchers followed the results of 59,887 women who had mesh implanted by around 1000 surgeons over the course of the study. The data showed that after 5 years, 2.2% needed a revision surgery while the number increased to 3.3% after 10 years. This means a woman’s odds of needing to have a second mesh surgery could be 1 in 30.

One interesting conclusion noted by the researchers is that the patients of surgeons who did higher volumes of mesh surgery had better outcomes. Apparently, it doesn’t seem to matter if the surgeon specialized in gynecology or in [...]

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