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DePuy Hip Replacement Lawyer

If you have had a hip replacement, you may need a DePuy hip replacement lawyer. On August 26, 2010, DePuy Orthopaedics, Inc. officially recalled two defective hip implant systems, the ASR Hip Resurfacing System and the ASR XL Acetabular System. The recall was ordered by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) after receiving a high volume of complaints from patients that had received one of these defective DePuy hip implants. The New York Times* recently called the DePuy hip implant recall “The most widespread medical implant failure in decades.” After the recall, thousands of the estimated 93,000 all-metal hip replacement patients contacted a DePuy hip lawyer to find out if they may have a claim against the hip implant manufacturer. DePuy is a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson.

The DePuy ASR XL Acetabular Hip System and DePuy ASR Hip Resurfacing System have a 12 to 13 percent chance of [...]

Houston, TX January 11, 2013 –

Stryker’s hip implant recalls are expected to cost the corporation between $190 million and $390 million to cover the cost of patient testing, treatment, and new surgeries as well as to pay for the lawsuits and insurance payments. Due to the increase in the expected costs for the recall, Stryker has raised its related financial reserves, charging 35 cents per share in the fourth quarter.

Stryker Hip Replacement Recalls

Stryker Corp, a major manufacturer of orthopedic devices as well as surgical accessories and hospital beds, voluntarily recalled its Rejuvenate Modular and ABG II modular-hip stems in July of 2012. Along with the risk of corrosion associated with these devices, there was also a risk for fretting, which causes the shedding of metal fragments into nearby tissue, blood, and bone, also known as metallosis. Both the Rejuvenate and ABG II utilize cobalt, chromium and titanium alloy pieces instead of the [...]

Houston, TX January 10, 2013 –

D. Miller & Associates, PLLC urges anyone that has had GranuFlo or NaturaLyte dialysis treatment and suffered a heart attack or cardiac injury to call immediately for information on possible compensation from the GranuFlo and NaturaLyte manufacturer, Fresenius Medical Care. The number of lawsuits being filed against Fresenius continues to grow as more and more people become aware of the link between these dialysis products and cardiac injury.
Hemodialysis is the most common method used to treat advanced kidney failure. Hemodialysis works by using a filter that allows your blood to flow through a few ounces at a time, to remove harmful wastes as well as extra salt and fluids. This helps to control blood pressure and keep the proper balance of chemicals in your body. Most patients receive hemodialysis treatment at a dialysis facility three times a week on a fixed schedule; however, there is also the [...]

The lawsuits involving transvaginal mesh will be moving forward with trial dates to start as soon as February 2013. Four of the six federal transvaginal mesh multidistrict litigations have been assigned trial dates for next year. These trial dates signify another milestone for the transvaginal mesh lawsuits.
The trial cases in re: C.R. Bard, Inc., Pelvic Repair Systems Products Liability Litigation (MDL No. 2187) will begin on February 5, 2013 according to the status conference report. It will be the first bellwether trial date for the allegedly defective implants sold by C.R. Bard. Bard sells the widely used, Avaulta System, as well as a number of other women’s pelvic repair products.
The next set of trials will begin on December 3, 2013 for American Medical Systems, Inc., Ethicon, Inc., and Boston Scientific Corp. In these early “bellwether” trials, certain plaintiffs in the MDL are selected to have their cases tried before a jury. [...]

D. Miller & Associates, PLLC is representing individuals injured by Johnson & Johnson’s Animas insulin pumps. The Animas unit continued to market and sell insulin pumps even after learning of malfunctions with the devices. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) faulted Johnson & Johnson for not adequately explaining why they had continued to manufacture the insulin pumps, fully knowing that they had design failures. This prompted a company investigation by the FDA and design changes to the pump.
 Animas Insulin Pumps Used For Type 1 Diabetes
Insulin pumps are used for Type 1 Diabetes, which accounts for approximately 5-10% of all Diabetes cases. Type 1 Diabetes is sometimes referred to as “juvenile diabetes.” The pumps have been shown to malfunction, giving the wrong dosage of insulin to the user which can be fatal. Since the pumps are used mainly by teens and young adults, these reports are being taken especially serious by [...]

The law firm of D. Miller & Associates is now representing clients for transvaginal mesh lawsuits, including mesh used for pelvic organ prolapse (POP) as well as urinary incontinence. The lawsuits were previously limited to cases where the mesh was used for POP, but with new information becoming available the criteria continues to expand. A transvaginal mesh is a reinforcement tool that is inserted vaginally in order to keep the organs in place. This type of mesh has been associated with a number of serious complications including:

  • Protrusion of vaginal mesh through the soft tissues
  • Pain
  • Infection in the treated area
  • Bleeding
  • Painful intercourse
  • Perforated organs
  • Difficulties urinating

These side effects can be debilitating and frequently result in additional surgeries to repair the damage caused by the mesh. Unfortunately, many of these complications can continue to persist even after the mesh is removed, causing a lifetime of chronic pain. FDA Received Complaints Since [...]

D. Miller & Associates, a leading law firm dedicated to helping those affected by the pharmaceutical industry, will be representing individuals affected by the recall of 93,000 ASR metal hip implants in August 2010 due to early failure rates. The first trial dates have been set for May 6, 2013, and the second will follow on July, 8, 2013.

The implants included in these lawsuits are manufactured by DePuy Orthopaedics, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson.  The DePuy ASR XL Acetabular System, which is a socket that is used in total hip replacements and the ASR Hip Resurfacing System, which is a partial hip replacement system.

Bellwether Trial for DePuy ASR Lawsuits

On July 25, 2012, the Hon. Judge David A. Katz, the judge overseeing the thousands of DePuy ASR lawsuits, announced that the federal cases will be moving forward with a bellwether trial. The cases must be selected by August 8, 2012 and the [...]

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