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Driver Killed In Crash With Houston Metro Bus

Another Preventable Accident In Harris County As Driver Ran Through Stop Sign
stop sign

Today another person was killed in Harris County in a preventable traffic accident.

The driver of an SUV died after colliding with a Metro bus in north west Houston in the 1700 block of Mangum near Hempstead Highway. The public bus was not carrying passengers at the time of the crash and the bus driver did not require medical attention. The SUV driver was declared dead at the scene.

Now the reason the accident was preventable? According to Metro officials, the driver of the SUV allegedly ran a stop sign!

While the Houston Police Department is investigating this tragic accident, one can only speculate why the unfortunate driver chose not to obey one of the most basic of traffic laws. Maybe they were late for work, or school, or were distracted and just didn’t notice the red stop sign until it was too late?

The [...]

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