About Essure Lawsuit

Essure was praised as the next generation of contraception. Implanted nickel coils in the fallopian tubes with a catheter would provide permanent protection without surgery, and without manipulation of your hormones.

Finally, a dream solution. But for many women this dream quickly morphed into a hellish nightmare.

  • Headaches, back aches, and pelvic pain
  • Bleeding after intercourse and bleeding for weeks on end
  • Rashes, bloat, and rapid weight gain

But likely, your symptoms were even more severe…Have you had to suffer through painful Ectopic pregnancies, miscarriages, or undergo a hysterectomy?

Maybe you too, now have an unplanned child to raise, unexpected medical bills to pay and deteriorating health.

You are not alone.

“I’m Marcie Elliott from Nashville TN I am only 28 and I had a hysterectomy. Essure took my life. I was depressed, took a toll on my family and my kids. It was pure torture”

“My name is Marcia Sampson. I’m 39 years old and in June 2013 I had a hysterectomy to rid myself of Essure and try to get healthy. I unfortunately had heavy toxicity poisoning and I am still on the road to recovery. It’s long and hard and my worst side effect is not being able to keep weight on, and always tired no matter how much I sleep. I am still very much sick.”

“Alone with my spine being that of a 70 yr old..I can’t work…in pain every second of every minute of every day…all I wanted was permanent birth control…not a life sentence of suffering”

“Essure took my energy, my happiness, my comfort, my faith & trust in doctors & very soon will be taking my tubes & uterus with it as it is FINALLY evicted from my body after 5 years of pure torture!” – Stephanie, 31, WI

Like these women, you were just trying to be responsible by taking control of your body when you trusted Essure. You trusted that an FDA approved medical device was by and large, SAFE. So now that you’re enduring this tormenting ordeal, what can you do?

While it may seem overwhelming, you can defend yourself. You can hold Bayer accountable for the damage they’ve done to you and your family. You can take a stand against a corporation that was irresponsible and careless and you can help make sure this doesn’t happen to others.

But how? Where can you go for help?

We have passionate lawyers that are skilled, intelligent and experienced. We have teams of trained legal staff specializing in every stage of litigation. We guide you, step-by-step, through every stage of the litigation process. You never have to guess what’s next because we’ve mapped it out entirely for you.

What we have, is truly a concierge law service. From getting you medical treatment to negotiating on your behalf, we understand that you have been through enough. It is now your turn to be taken care of and defended.

When you hire us to defend you, you pay nothing out of pocket because we believe in our process, our staff, and your story. If you’ve suffered through the psychological, emotional and physical pain and embarrassment of having your reproductive organs gutted from your body because of Essure. If you’re ready to pursue justice…If you’re aren’t sure what to do next but want to take action to right this wrong, we have the resources you need and are ready and willing to help you.

Contact our legal team now at 713-580-8600 or fill out the form on this website. Our legal team will be in contact with you in the next 24 hours for a 100% free confidential consultation. There are never any fees unless we recover a settlement for you.