Abilene Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Bicycle accidents are nearly always preventable. If you were injured while riding your bike, chances are it was the result of someone’s reckless act or failure to act.

It can be difficult to recover damages on your own while you are recuperating from severe injuries. A bicycle accident lawyer serving Abilene can take care of the many details involved in seeking financial recovery for your medical expenses, damaged bicycle, and other losses.

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Leading Causes of Bicycle Accidents

According to the Texas Department of Transportation’s “Share the Road” program, most bicycle accidents happen on city streets. About two-thirds of bicycle accidents occur on city streets. The greatest loss of life happens in accidents on state and national highways.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in 2017, there were many factors that resulted in bicycle accidents, including:

  • Alcohol: 37% of fatal bicycle accidents involved one of the parties being intoxicated.
  • Time of day: Most fatal bicycle accidents occur in the evening (6 p.m. to 9 p.m.).
  • Age: The average age of bicyclists in fatal crashes was 47.
  • Gender: More male bicyclists passed away in fatal crashes than female riders.

Under Texas Law, bicycles generally must follow all the rules of the road that apply to cars. It also means that drivers are supposed to treat bicyclists with the same consideration as other vehicles.

What to Do After a Bicycle Accident

Immediate medical care is critical after a bicycle accident. Bicycle riders can be injured in the initial impact and then injured again when they are ejected or thrown from their bikes onto the roadway.

Following a bicycle accident, you can take the following steps to ensure your safety, health, and legal rights:

  • If possible, use your cell phone to take pictures of the accident scene, including the location (street sign), skid marks, and other details.
  • Exchange information with the driver as well as any witnesses who might be called to give a statement.
  • Call the police because they will make an official report of the accident and, if appropriate, act against the other party.

After you get medical care, consulting a bicycle accident lawyer serving Abilene could help to protect your right to financial recovery from the liable party. For a free case evaluation with a member of our firm, call D. Miller & Associates, PLLC at (713) 850-8600.

Catastrophic Injuries Are Possible

Bicycle accident injuries range from moderate to catastrophic, including:

  • Traumatic brain injuries.
  • Severe facial and dental lacerations.
  • Crushed, broken, or fractured bones.
  • Broken or cracked ribs.
  • Trauma to the lungs, heart, pancreas, liver, kidney, or spleen resulting in organ loss or damage.
  • Neck and spinal cord injuries that could lead to paralysis.
  • Deep abrasions and lacerations to the body

The medical bills from these injuries can quickly climb to six figures, and if you cannot work, you may be faced with dire financial consequences. A bicycle accident lawyer can pursue compensation while you are recuperating from your injuries.

Our Process for Recovering Damages

Since 2002, D. Miller & Associates, PLLC has recovered damage for people harmed by someone’s negligent behavior. Our bicycle accident lawyers understand the complexities of state liability laws.

We treat each of our clients with the attention and respect they deserve, with a recovery process that may include such steps as:

  • Assess the cost of your medical treatment.
  • Compile bills and expenses.
  • Review police reports, photographs, witness statements, and other accident evidence.
  • Submit a detailed claim to the liable party’s insurance company.
  • Negotiate for your economic and non-economic damages.

If the other party does not negotiate in good faith, you may want our help in taking your case to court. Texas law allows two years from the date of the accident for you to file a personal injury lawsuit. An attorney can help to ensure you meet all of the applicable deadlines in your case. If you do not file by the two-year deadline, you may lose your right to pursue financial recovery.

Potential Recoverable Damages for Your Injuries

Each case is unique, but there are some common expenses you may be able to recover in a personal injury lawsuit or settlement.

In the past, we have helped our clients recover damages for:

  • Medical bills (including ambulance, emergency care, hospitalization, and follow-up care).
  • Prescription medicine and medical devices.
  • Lost pay during the time you are injured.
  • Property damage (including repair or replacement of your bicycle and equipment).
  • Pain and suffering.
  • Mental anguish.
  • Disability.
  • Disfigurement.

You might be entitled to recovery for lost earning potential if your injuries left you disabled or unable to earn a living. We will do all we can to get you financial recovery from the responsible party.

Wrongful Death After a Bicycle Accident

Our lawyers may be able to help if you lost a family member in a bicycle accident caused by someone else. This would be in the form of a wrongful death claim or lawsuit. You and your surviving family members should not have to suffer financially for a reckless driver.

Texas law states that the surviving spouse, children, or parents of the deceased can file a wrongful death claim if someone else’s negligence caused the accident. Texas law also states that the wrongful death claim must generally be filed within two years of your loved one’s passing.

Some recoverable damages you could receive from a wrongful death claim include:

  • Final remaining medical bills
  • Pain and suffering before death
  • Loss of consortium
  • Loss of support
  • Loss of potential earnings
  • Loss of potential savings
  • Pain and suffering of the surviving family members

Learn More About Potential Recovery with an Attorney Today

A bicycle accident lawyer serving Abilene can be your personal legal advocate and help you recover damages. You do not have to go through the struggle of filing insurance claims or dealing with the other party. Call D. Miller & Associates, PLLC today for a free case evaluation with a member of our team at (713) 850-8600.