Glen Mills School Abuse Lawsuit

As the oldest reform school for boys in the United States, Glen Mills Schools in Delaware County hosted students from all over the country, and it was thought that the administration held the facility and its staff to a high standard. Unfortunately, many boys suffered abuse during their time at Glen Mills. If you were mistreated as a student at the school, a lawyer from our firm can help you recover damages.

Victims have come forward with allegations against Glen Mills Schools as early as 1976 and as late as 2018. Many of these men have struggled with physical injuries and the expenses associated with them, as well as lasting emotional trauma.

At D. Miller & Associates, PLLC™, we understand that financial recovery cannot take away the unfortunate experience you had at Glen Mills Schools, but it can help you get back on your feet and reclaim the financial stability you deserve to move forward. Contact our legal team today at (713) 850-8600 to get started on your Glen Mills School abuse lawsuit.

Our Lawyers Can Help You Pursue Financial Recovery for Your Injuries

Whether you have been suffering from the effects of your abuse at the Glen Mills Schools for three years or three decades, you may still have the chance to seek financial recovery for your injuries. Victims often find that attempting to file a lawsuit without legal assistance can be challenging—we can help you through each step of the process, and we will fight for a fair award on your behalf.

Establishing the Liability of the Glen Mills Schools

In April 2019, the Pennsylvania Government announced that the Department of Human Services had revoked all 14 of the Glen Mills Schools’ licenses after receiving numerous documented accounts of abuse.

The publicity of these cases may make it easier for you to pursue financial recovery in your lawsuit, as state officials and even some school administrative personnel have admitted to the persistent violence that occurred within the Glen Mills Schools for years.

However, we will still gather evidence to support your case, such as eyewitness statements, your medical records, and proof of injury-related expenses. This information will help us prove that the facility staff failed to keep you safe despite owing you a duty of care and that your abuse resulted in injuries and financial losses.

Assessing Your Damages and Seeking a Fair Award for You

Every case is different, so there is no standard award amount in abuse lawsuits. Our lawyers will examine all of the damages you have accumulated because of the abuse you suffered. We will then determine an adequate settlement amount to pursue on your behalf based on this assessment.

The types of awards available will also vary by case, but they may include both economic damages, such as medical bills, and pain and suffering, such as mental anguish.

Filing Your Claim While You Still Have Time

Navigating the statute of limitations regarding abuse in Pennsylvania is more complicated than in other types of cases. In most abuse cases, victims have up to two years under the personal injury statute of limitations set forth in 42 Pa.C.S.A. § 5524 to file a claim against their abuser.

However, changes have been made in recent years to protect victims of abuse, prosecute perpetrators, and give victims a greater opportunity to seek financial recovery from their offenders.

The Pennsylvania Office of Victim Advocate (OVA) reports that the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania lifted the statute of limitations on criminal charges for abuse in 2019. Shortly after, the legislature passed an amendment that allowed any survivor of child sexual abuse to pursue a civil lawsuit for the next two years regardless of how much time has passed since the abuse.

Our attorneys can file your Glen Mills School abuse lawsuit right away, so you do not miss your opportunity to pursue financial recovery. Contact D. Miller & Associates, PLLC™ today at (713) 850-8600, and our legal team will help you explore your options for seeking financial recovery.

Helping You Through Each Step of Your Lawsuit

There is no standard timeframe on lawsuit proceedings, so we may not have a way to estimate how long it will take to reach a settlement in your case. Some proceedings take only weeks, while others can last months.

No matter how long your case takes, we believe that spending extra time to fight for the settlement you deserve is worth it. We will continue to provide you with representation throughout the process, offer you personal legal support, and address any questions you have along the way.

You Are Not Alone in Coming Forward About Your Abuse

Many men have shared stories of the abuse they suffered at the Glen Mills Schools. Several have chosen to move forward with lawsuits to seek financial recovery for the long-term impact of their experience at the facility. Some of the types of abuse reported by former residents of the school include:

  • Severe beatings
  • Racial slurs
  • Spitting
  • Humiliating disciplinary measures
  • Sexual assault
  • Threats of retaliation to maintain victim silence

There is power in numbers, and the accounts shared by your fellow victims may help you pursue financial recovery in your case.

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