Bacliff Truck Accident Lawyer

If you suffered injuries or a loved one passed away from a truck accident in Bacliff, D. Miller & Associates, PLLCᴿ will seek coverage for medical care, pain and suffering, and your other recoverable damages.

Having a Bacliff truck accident lawyer represent you could provide several benefits. Our team will keep your rights safe and seek a fair financial recovery for you and your loved ones.

Why Hire D. Miller & Associates, PLLCᴿ for Your Truck Accident Case in Bacliff?

Time can be in short supply for victims of truck accidents in Bacliff. Whether you have injuries or are coping with a loved one’s passing, you may:

  • Have doctor’s appointments, surgeries, and other medical obligations
  • Need to rest to ensure a proper recovery
  • Be dealing with professional challenges
  • Want to spend time with your loved ones

Handling a truck accident case will get in the way of all of these duties. Hiring D. Miller & Associates, PLLCᴿ will allow you to be with your family and focus on your recovery.  We’ll lead your legal case, using our resources and experience to fight for the financial recovery you deserve.

Truck accident victims hire our firm because:

  • We have been fighting for victims of injury and wrongful death since 2002, meaning we have useful experience that we may use in your favor
  • We offer medical coordinators who can help you get the medical treatment you need, even if your lack health insurance
  • We negotiate with insurance companies daily, meaning that we are prepared to handle your insurance claim (if your case involves one)
  • We have extensive resources that we will deploy for your case, including attorneys, paralegals, experts, and financial support

Our team has a permanent presence in the Houston area, which allows us to provide hands-on, in-person representation to truck accident victims in Bacliff.

Our Client Testimonials Explain What You Can Expect from Our Firm

Clients of D. Miller & Associates, PLLCᴿ often leave reviews detailing their positive experiences:

  • “I have been represented by D. Miller & Associates, PLLCᴿ for almost a year and I have nothing but positive things to say. The people there are always friendly and do their best to answer any questions to the best of their ability. I would strongly recommend this firm for any of your personal injury or any other claims you may have.” – Wayne Peacock, client
  • “ D. Miller & Associates, PLLCᴿ has done everything possible to help me and my family after my accident two years ago. They got me the medical care I needed and took care of things when I couldn’t take care of them. They have been very helpful in this whole process. If you’re ever looking for someone that will put up a good fight when you can’t, these are the people who look to.” – Amber Wright, former client

A Bacliff truck accident lawyer from D. Miller & Associates, PLLCᴿ will seek justice after your truck accident. Once we determine the financial recovery you deserve, we’ll continue fighting until we resolve your case.

Recoverable Damages in a Bacliff Truck Accident Case

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) explains that passenger vehicle occupants face the brunt of the damage when a truck accident happens. Among other losses, you may be dealing with serious injuries or a loved one’s death.

Recoverable Damages from Non-Fatal Injuries

If you or a loved one have suffered injuries in a truck accident, then your recoverable losses may include:

  • The cost of your medical care
  • Temporary transportation
  • Repairs for your vehicle
  • Replacement of a totaled vehicle
  • Repair or replacement of other property damaged in your truck accident
  • Lost income
  • Lost earning power
  • Pain and suffering
  • Any treatment you need for mental anguish, trauma, and other types of pain and suffering

If you suffer a loss related to your truck accident, we’ll seek fair coverage for it.

Recoverable Damages from a Wrongful Death

A wrongful death can cause many of the same losses that occur with a non-fatal injury. Pain and suffering, lost income, and medical costs generally occur in each case type. However, losses in a wrongful death case may also include:

  • The cost of your loved one’s funeral
  • Lost spousal companionship
  • Lost parental guidance
  • Funeral expenses
  • Coverage for grief counseling

Pain and suffering is also generally valued at a greater amount when someone passes away. Our team can explain key differences between a wrongful death and personal injury claim, depending on which case type we pursue for you.

Services We Will Provide for Your Truck Accident Case in Bacliff

From your initial consultation until we complete your case, our firm will handle every step in your truck accident claim or lawsuit. We provide common services for truck accident victims, including:

  • A complete investigation of the accident: We’ll determine why your accident happened, and gather evidence such as a police report, video footage, witness testimony, and an expert’s reconstruction of the collision.
  • Evaluation of your damages: We will create a comprehensive list of your damages and calculate the cost of your damages.
  • Hiring experts: We may hire experts who can testify, provide exhibits, and help your case in other ways. Our firm pays the cost of hiring such experts.
  • Negotiating: We will negotiate with insurance companies or other attorneys, fighting for the financial recovery you deserve.
  • Handling your trial: Though a trial is generally not necessary in truck accident cases, if one should become necessary, we will not hesitate to go all the way.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) explains that motorists are typically the cause of truck accidents. In order to prove that a trucker caused your accident, though, we may need to get important evidence from the trucking company.

Dealing with a trucking company may not be easy and may require legal action. This makes truck accident cases especially difficult. As our client, you won’t have to worry about these challenges, as we’ll address them on your behalf.

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