Copperas Truck Accident Lawyer

Are you suffering from injuries after a truck accident in Copperas, Texas? If so, D. Miller & Associates, PLLCᴿ can provide legal support, answers to your questions, and guidance as you work to resolve your claim.

You can begin working with a truck accident lawyer serving Copperas right away. A lawyer can take charge of your case, focus on establishing fault for the collision, and handle all communication with insurance agents so you can focus on healing.

What Can a Truck Accident Lawyer Do for You?

You deserve to rest and focus on your physical recovery after a truck accident. You can do this while we tackle the legal legwork and seek financial recovery. This way, you can access the medical care you need and get your life back on track.

Truck accident lawyers serving Copperas offer comprehensive services to clients in your situation. Our team began operating in 2002, giving us extensive experience with accidents involving commercial vehicles. We focus on:

Listening to Your Concerns

You do not have to try to handle all the legal repercussions of a truck accident claim on your own. We sit down and listen to your story about what happened and answer any questions you have. We also offer immediate guidance regarding your next steps.

Handling Insurance Agents

Insurance representatives may reach out to you right away after a truck collision in Copperas. We recommend that you do not speak with them or offer any recorded statements until you’ve spoken with a lawyer. Insurance agents primarily focus on serving their company, which may mean limiting your financial recovery.

Investigating Your Accident

A truck accident attorney serving Copperas can dig into the facts surrounding what happened in your accident. Our team can:

  • Question witnesses
  • Visit the scene of the accident
  • Get a copy of your police report
  • Look for further evidence like video surveillance
  • Work with truck accident experts

We may even work with accident reconstructionists to gain insight into your accident. We will leave no stone unturned when determining how another party caused or contributed to your losses. We can present our findings to an insurer during negotiations or in a trial if necessary.

Assessing Your Losses

You may receive financial recovery if a truck accident left you with medical expenses or repair costs for your vehicle. We look into the full extent of the damage caused by the accident and factor this information into your claim.

Resolving Your Claim

You can count on us to work tirelessly to successfully resolve your truck accident claim in Copperas. We may negotiate a settlement with insurance agents or help you take your claim to court. Find out more by reaching out to us today.

Negligence Can Contribute to Truck Accidents in Copperas

We take immediate steps to establish the cause of your truck accident in Copperas when you reach out to us. Showing that someone else caused your accident can allow you to secure financial recovery in the state of Texas.

Truckers directly cause many accidents. They may directly take reckless actions, such as:

  • Passing or backing up without checking their blind spots
  • Taking their eyes off the road to look at a phone or electronic device
  • Speeding or trying to take a turn too quickly
  • Tailgating other drivers

Sometimes, truckers fail to secure a load properly, leading to a dangerous collision. They may also try to overload their truck, which makes the vehicle more dangerous. We find that truckers often drive while fatigued or distracted, increasing the odds of a collision.

However, truckers do not always bear full responsibility for a truck accident. The trucking company may hold fault if they hired inexperienced truckers or failed to keep up with proper maintenance for their fleet vehicles.

Seeking Damages for a Truck Accident in Copperas

Truck accidents may leave you with significant losses in Copperas. These collisions often result in injuries, like:

  • Broken bones or fractures
  • Head, back, or neck injuries
  • Internal injuries or bleeding
  • Cuts, burns, and abrasions

Medical care often becomes very expensive after truck accidents, especially if you require ongoing care for disabling injuries. Fortunately, a truck accident attorney serving Copperas can help you secure financial recovery.

You may also receive damages to cover the cost of repairing or replacing your vehicle. In some cases, the individual who caused your accident must cover your lost wages and work and diminished earning potential. We can also help you secure financial recovery for the pain and suffering caused by the accident.

The Statute of Limitations and Truck Accident Claims

Generally, Texas law gives you two years to file a lawsuit following a truck accident. After this period, the statute of limitations can expire, removing your legal ability to seek financial recovery. Therefore, we recommend that you begin your case as soon as possible.

Moving quickly also allows your lawyer to discuss the accident with witnesses before time starts to fade their memories. We monitor the time frame for your case and reach out to you about any important deadlines.

Work With a Lawyer After a Truck Accident in Copperas

You can speak with our team at D. Miller & Associates, PLLCᴿ about how a truck accident lawyer in Copperas can help. You do not have to try to take on a powerful trucking company or insurance company on your own. Allow us to handle your case from start to finish while you focus on your health.

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