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We extend our condolences if your loved one passed away in Corpus Christi. A wrongful death lawyer serving Corpus Christi will seek the justice you deserve for your loss. D. Miller & Associates, PLLC® may get a financial recovery for your pain and suffering, lost financial support, funeral costs, and other damages.

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Recoverable Damages in Your Corpus Christi Wrongful Death Case

The pain of losing a loved one is overwhelming. Our personal injury attorneys serving Corpus Christi will learn who your loved one was in your life, how their passing has affected you, and what other damages have come from this heartbreaking loss. 

Recoverable damages in a wrongful death case may include:

Pain and Suffering

The American Psychosomatic Society explains that grief can cause:

  • Anxiety
  • Distress
  • Sadness
  • Loss of sleep
  • Loss of appetite

These forms of pain and suffering may be recoverable. Your financial recovery may also account for the decedent’s physical pain and emotional distress before they passed away. 

Lost Financial Support

We often find clients in despair because they have lost someone they love. When we dig deeper, we sometimes find that the decedent provided both love and essential financial support. You may get a financial recovery for the loss of:

  • The decedent’s income
  • Benefits provided by the decedent’s former job, such as health insurance
  • The decedent’s value around the house, which may come from handiwork, chores, and other services
  • Any other financial support the decedent provided

Grief may also cause you to lose income if you cannot work while mourning the loss of your loved one.

Loss of the Decedent’s Non-Economic Value

Wrongful death cases are about the person who has passed away. While we account for the loss of their economic value, we’ll also account for their non-economic value to you and other loved ones.

We may seek a financial recovery for:

  • A spouse’s loss of companionship
  • A child’s loss of parental support and guidance
  • The loss of any other non-economic benefits the decedent provided
  1. Miller & Associates, PLLC® is a client-focused firm. We want to learn your story of loss, painful as it may be. With time, we will understand the unique person your loved one was and what they brought to you and your loved ones. A wrongful death lawyer from our firm will then seek justice for your loss in Corpus Christi.

Why Choose D. Miller & Associates, PLLC® as Your Wrongful Death Attorneys Serving Corpus Christi?

Wrongful death cases are an essential practice area for our firm. These cases are extremely sensitive, as they involve clients struggling with immense pain. Our attorneys treat clients like family, showing the compassion you deserve in the wake of a sudden loss.

You may hire D. Miller & Associates, PLLC® for your wrongful death case in Corpus Christi because:

  • We have a deep staff of dedicated professionals: Our lawyers, paralegals, and investigators can all lend a hand in your wrongful death cases. This team effort will ensure that we create, file, and complete your case as efficiently as possible.
  • We have over two decades of experience: Our firm has fought for wrongful death victims in Texas since 2002. This experience matters, and we will rely on lessons from our prior cases as we handle yours.
  • We put client service first: Every client’s satisfaction is paramount. In wrongful death cases, we’ll go the extra mile, knowing you may be emotionally and psychologically drained. Let your wrongful death lawyer serving Corpus Christi handle the responsibilities of your case so that you can work through your loss. We will update you as your case evolves and be available anytime you need to reach us.

With millions in financial recoveries secured, we have proven our worth to our clients. We want to add you and your loved ones to our list of satisfied former clients.

Client Testimonials for D. Miller & Associates, PLLC®

Here’s what you can expect as a client of our law firm:

  • “I can’t express enough how grateful I am to the D. Miller response team that initiated my case for an unfortunate accident I was involved in… I can’t imagine what my situation could’ve been like without these ladies. They provided me with comfort and security in dealing with this process. During this period, I lost relatives, dealt with a pandemic, and celebrated a birthday and holidays which they all acknowledged for me. I simply love these women for their effort and professionalism to make sure I was 100%.” – McKinney Lonnell, former client
  • “I’m so glad I hired D. Miller and Associates to represent me on my case… I’m getting better every day and I plan on using them for  all of my legal issues in the future.” – M. John, former client

There is nothing more painful than a wrongful death. Let us support you during this time of need.

We Will Lead Every Step of Your Wrongful Death Case in Corpus Christi

Your wrongful death lawyer serving Corpus Christi will handle every step of your wrongful death case, including:

  • Determining who is liable for your loved one’s passing
  • Identifying all of your damages
  • Completing all paperwork and communications
  • Seeking a fair settlement
  • Proceeding to trial, if necessary

We will never stop fighting for the financial recovery you deserve.

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