Frisco Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Motorcyclists are vulnerable on the road. Yet after suffering an accident, you can feel just as vulnerable. Between negligent parties dodging responsibility and insurance companies avoiding a proper settlement, it can feel like you are beset on all sides.

If you feel the system abandoned you after a collision in Frisco, a motorcycle accident lawyer from the team at D. Miller & Associates, PLLC®, can stand with you. You deserve appropriate financial recovery after your accident and a team that will fight for it. We will pursue the best possible outcome for your case.

Frisco Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Who Fight for Your Right to Financial Recovery

Our personal injury lawyers work for you by prioritizing key values:

  • Accessibility – Staying in contact with you
  • Practicality – Addressing your everyday needs
  • Affordability – Acknowledging your financial struggles
  • Responsibility – Taking your case seriously


This is ranked first on the list for a reason. Suffering an accident is isolating; getting help should not feel the same way. At D. Miller & Associates, PLLC®, we stay in touch with you and make sure you feel comfortable reaching out to us. We are available via email, phone, or social media.

For meetings in person, we remain flexible. We know you may have difficulty reaching our office, so we will come to you. We can meet you at home, work, the hospital, or another location convenient for you.


We will not get so lost in the big picture of your case that we do not address your daily stresses. Our attorneys and support staff can:

  • Find doctors to treat your injuries, even without health insurance
  • Explain forms and paperwork in easy-to-understand language
  • Help you get your motorcycle repaired
  • Field calls from insurance adjusters and other authorities
  • Address your specific concerns as they arise

We do not underestimate how these issues impact your quality of life while recovering from motorcycle accident injuries. Bring them to us so that we can work to find a solution for you.


Finances worry everyone, especially after an accident. That is why we do not charge for consultations. Without that worry hanging over you, you can use your no-obligation evaluation to get valuable information about what we can do to help you move past the accident in Frisco and on with your life.


We do not take your case lightly and ensure the other party does not either. Our motorcycle accident lawyers can investigate your Frisco case to identify who contributed to your injuries and take steps to hold them responsible. Those steps include:

  • Gathering evidence like photos, witness testimony, and expert analysis
  • Using that evidence to connect someone’s negligent action with your injuries
  • Filling out insurance claim paperwork to ensure it is error-free and accurate
  • Negotiating settlement offers that reflect the full extent of your injuries
  • Filing a personal injury lawsuit if no agreement with the other party is reached
  • Preparing for a court case if the other party does not settle out of court

Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Who Fight for Accurate Financial Recovery

Too often, insurance adjusters delegitimize or downplay injuries to get motorcyclists to settle for less. The injury lawyers at D. Miller & Associates, PLLC®, combat these attempts. We pursue a financial recovery that accounts for all your losses, including:

  • Medical expenses
  • Rehabilitation costs
  • Prescription medications
  • Out-of-pocket expenses
  • Lost income
  • Pain and suffering

This includes future losses. For instance, we consider the income you lost while recovering and the income you will lose due to your reduced ability to earn.

Our attorneys do not settle for generic, either—your financial recovery should fit your lifestyle changes. For example, a recent study in European Geriatric Medicine found that older motorcyclists tend to suffer more serious injuries because of additional health concerns and general aging. In other words, you do not bounce back as easily. If you are an older rider, your financial recovery should reflect your unique complications.

We, therefore, identify factors like age, pre-existing conditions, relationships, hobbies, and mental health when negotiating a settlement.

Help in Dealing With Life-Changing Injuries

Without the protection of a passenger vehicle, motorcyclists tend to suffer more serious injuries, especially to the lower extremities and head, according to Accident Analysis and Prevention. These injuries could affect you long-term or even permanently.

That is why our motorcycle accident lawyers fight for Frisco victims of life-altering injuries to receive support for:

  • Mobility aids
  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech and language therapy
  • Psychological therapy
  • Specialist visits
  • In-home care
  • Secondary conditions
  • Disfigurement

We can even make sure the other party helps you switch to a new position or career if your injury requires it.

Help in Dealing With the Loss of a Loved One

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), motorcycle accidents are 27 times more likely to prove fatal than other motor vehicle accidents. If your loved one suffered fatal injuries in such an accident, our Frisco wrongful death lawyers can help your family.

Financial recovery for wrongful death can help pay medical bills, provide lost income from the deceased, and ensure their last wishes are carried out.

Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Who Identify Everyone Involved in a Frisco Accident

Our team determines who played a role in causing your injuries, such as:

  • Passenger vehicle drivers
  • Commercial truck drivers
  • Other motorcyclists
  • Rideshare and taxi drivers
  • Construction companies
  • Government entities
  • Product manufacturers

Your case may involve more than one or have tangled liability. We do not let these complicated cases scare us off! We can help identify how to proceed. If you are already in the middle of a dispute between parties, we can act as your representative.

Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Who Ensure You File Your Frisco Injury Case on Time

Under Texas law, you generally have two years to file a personal injury lawsuit. This step is often taken after we have already tried negotiating. Since many cases settle out of court, do not neglect to reach out for help before the deadline. We can use that time to gather evidence and evaluate settlement offers.

Get a Free Case Evaluation for Your Frisco Motorcycle Accident Today

As part of the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area, Frisco sees its fair share of accidents. If you were the victim of one while riding your motorcycle, reach out to D. Miller & Associates, PLLC®, today for a free consultation. Our motorcycle accident lawyers assist Frisco victims by pursuing the maximum financial recovery. Call now.