For fun and exhilarating travel in Texas, nothing beats a motorcycle. The wind in your face, the roar of the powerful motor beneath you, the unobstructed views, and the rush of adrenaline as you twist the throttle and feel the burst of speed all make for an unforgettable experience.
Unfortunately, the same qualities that make riding a motorcycle such a thrill contribute to the dangers riders face on the open road. Without a vehicle frame to protect you, you are vulnerable. In a crash, a motorcycle is no match for cars, trucks, or SUVs.
That is why motorcycle accidents so often result in serious injuries that frequently require extensive medical care, months of therapy, and a painful recovery process. All of this care can easily create a massive financial burden on top of your pain and suffering.
If you suffered injuries in a motorcycle accident another motorist caused, you need a skilled, accomplished motorcycle accident lawyer in Houston fighting for your rights and helping you win the compensation you deserve. The lawyers at D. Miller & Associates, PLLC, will aggressively pursue a fair and speedy settlement for you that can alleviate your financial worries and help you recover.
You can count on our legal team to fight for you after a motorcycle accident. We have helped dozens of accident victims win significant settlements for their injuries. We want to put our resources to work for you, working relentlessly to secure a positive outcome for your case.
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Why Hire a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Houston?

Though fun and exciting, motorcycling is irrefutably dangerous. Recent statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) indicate that it is becoming an increasingly hazardous hobby.
In 2015, the NHTSA tallied nearly 5,000 fatalities from motorcycle accidents in the United States. This number rose from just under 4,600 deaths in 2014—an increase of 8 percent in a single year. In the same year, motorcyclists accounted for 14 percent of all traffic fatalities. Roughly 88,000 riders suffered injuries in crashes.
By taking safety precautions—measures that include wearing a helmet, obeying all traffic laws, and taking a motorcycle safety course before getting on a bike—you can minimize your chances of becoming a statistic. You cannot, however, completely eliminate the risk. This fact underscores the importance of having a trusted motorcycle accident lawyer to call if the worst happens and you find yourself injured in an accident.
Our personal injury team focuses on motorcycle accident law. We have a successful track record of winning substantial settlements for clients injured in motorcycle crashes. We can put our resources to work for you and help you win compensation that is fair and robust.
Too often, accident victims accept the first settlement offer that the insurance company puts in front of them. The temptation to do this can be strong, especially when you are staring down thousands of dollars in medical bills and anticipating more to come.
When you accept an insurance company settlement offer without first speaking with a lawyer, you invariably leave money on the table. Insurance companies seldom agree to pay you the full value of your damages without a fight.
Our attorneys will determine the full scope of compensation you deserve before taking over all insurance company negotiations, ensuring you do not get stuck with a subpar settlement.

How Much Is My Motorcycle Accident Claim Worth?

The value of your motorcycle accident claim depends on a multitude of factors, including the extent of your injuries, the circumstances of the crash itself, and whether you shoulder a portion of the blame. Accordingly, we cannot estimate the value of your claim before we investigate your accident thoroughly.
That said, many motorcycle accident claims end up being worth thousands and even millions of dollars. Whatever the value of your claim is, our team will fight to help you win every dollar.
The specific damages for which you could be eligible include:

  • Current and future medical bills, including your doctor bills, hospital costs, medication copays, and physical therapy bills;
  • Lost wages, or the money you are unable to earn while missing work to recover from your injuries;
  • Reduced earning capacity, which is the difference between what you are able to earn and what you would be able to earn had your injury not occurred;
  • Pain and suffering, intended to compensate you for the physical and emotional pain you have suffered due to your injury; and
  • Punitive damages, which punish the at-fault party or parties if their actions were reckless or malicious.

We Pursue All Responsible Parties for Compensation.

Do you know the identities of all the parties responsible for your motorcycle accident injuries?
Maybe you assume it is just the driver who hit you. That might be true, but it also could be the case that other parties contributed to your accident and are thus partially liable for your injuries. These parties could include the following.

Vehicle or Parts Manufacturers

If a defective vehicle component in your motorcycle or the other driver’s vehicle caused or contributed to the crash, we can pursue the manufacturer for damages. We do not even have to prove they were negligent in the manufacturing or sale of the component. Simply showing a defect existed and it caused your injuries is enough to file for compensation.


If poor road conditions or a malfunctioning traffic control device contributed to your crash, we can even go after the party responsible for keeping the roadway safe. This is usually a local government entity.

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