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If you or someone you love are a survivor of sexual abuse, our law firm will advocate for you. Our Houston sexual abuse lawyer will help you identify the at-fault party and pursue favorable financial recovery.. Our investigation will identify all parties who could be potentially liable for your recovery. We prepare your rights by collecting evidence and building a compelling case file. We also meet the Statute of limitations and protect your right to recover damages. 

Our client-focused law firm is committed to whole-client recovery. At D. Miller & Associates, PLLC®, , we make sure you have access to appropriate coping tools. 

Damages We Recover via Your Sexual Abuse Case

Assessing your recoverable damages on your own can be complicated and confusing. Our sexual abuse victim attorney can handle case value and assessment for you. We will consult with financial experts to ensure your case receives an appropriate financial value. We will also ensure all economic and non-economic recoverable damages are included in your assessment.

Let us handle evidence collection. We will build a case file that proves your abuse, identifies the perpetrator, and proves the financial value of your case.

Proving Economic Damages

Economic damages are those that have a clear, out-of-pocket cost. We can typically collect bills, receipts, and other documents that prove their value. These include:

  • Medical records and bills that document your injuries and treatment costs
  • Tax and financial records that prove the value of your lost income 
  • Counseling and therapy records that document your psychological support
  • Lists of required over-the-counter and prescription medications 

Our case assessment team will compile evidence of your expenses. We will also ensure your case receives an accurate monetary value.  

Proving Non-Economic Damages

You can also recover a range of non-economic damages. Because these damages are intangible, they can be more difficult to assign a monetary value. We can recover:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish
  • Emotional trauma

Our legal team is sensitive to your needs and will handle the details of your case to protect you from recurring trauma. We work hard to negotiate a favorable settlement for you while you focus on your recovery.

The Statutes of Limitations in Texas

All civil lawsuits in Texas must comply with the state’s statutes of limitations. The filing deadlines on sexual abuse cases are complex. Compliance, though, is critical to your case. If it expires, you could inadvertently forfeit your right to recoverable damages. 

We will not let that happen. Our familiarity with state law means we understand the subtleties and nuances of the statutes of limitations. The sooner you involve us in your case, the more time we have to ensure the appropriate filing deadline is met.

You Are Entitled to Pursue Criminal and Civil Justice

At D. Miller & Associates, PLLC®, we understand how the criminal court system penalizes sexual offenders. They may face:

  • Financial penalties
  • Jail or prison time
  •  Community supervision 
  • Community service

These penalties impact the offender. Your own recovery should also be considered. Our team knows you are entitled to monetary recovery and works hard to obtain it for you. 

Civil Financial Recovery

The aftermath of sexual abuse can have many types of consequences. We will hold the perpetrator and other negligent parties financially responsible for your financial consequences.

Civil damages can ensure you are able to receive the care and support you need to foster an optimal physical and emotional recovery. Damages we fight to recover for you can include:

  • Current and future medical expenses
  • Psychological and emotional therapy
  • All income loss related to your recovery
  • Physical and emotional pain and suffering 

You could be entitled to additional damages not listed here. Our case assessment team will give your case the attention to detail it deserves. When necessary, we even consult with experts to ensure your case is accurately valued prior to drafting a settlement demand.

Identifying All Liable Parties in Your Civil Action in Houston

Our sexual abuse lawyer representing clients in Houston will fight hard to hold the perpetrator accountable for their actions. We also understand that others might bear some responsibility and financial liability. 

Where applicable, we also pursue:

  • A place of business
  • A property owner 
  • An educational institution
  • An employer
  • A religious institution 

Anyone who owed you a duty of care and failed to provide it can be held liable for your financial recovery. Our law firm will ensure no monetary recovery avenue is overlooked in pursuit of the best possible result for you. 

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Founded in 2002, we are committed to you and every client we represent. We ensure you have accessibility to our team members and ongoing case updates. If you or someone you love were injured as the result of sexual abuse, we will help you recover financial damages. Our sexual abuse lawyer representing clients in Houston will identify the perpetrator and handle all communications for you. 

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