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Injuries in a truck accident can be overwhelming. You may be unsure how to identify the parties who are responsible for your accident or hold them accountable. A truck accident lawyer from our law firm can be instrumental. We will help you pursue a financial recovery for your injuries and other Killeen accident-related losses.

What Type of Financial Recovery Can I Get for Injuries in a Truck Accident?

When the negligent or careless behavior of others causes a truck accident, and you suffer injuries, you can pursue a financial recovery. Your award can involve different types of damages, based on the nature and extent of your injuries and losses.

Medical Expenses

A truck’s size and weight can cause a lot of damage, especially severe injuries. These incidents are among the most likely to cause a serious head or brain injury in Texas.

After you are injured in a truck accident, you may have significant medical expenses, both immediately and in the future. More specifically, you may suffer:

  • Bills for surgeries and hospitalizations
  • Radiology and other testing expenses
  • Rehabilitation and therapy costs
  • Home health and personal care aides and medical assistive devices

While medical insurance may cover some of these bills, you likely still will have substantial out-of-pocket expenses. You can seek a financial recovery that includes medical expenses in a truck accident claim.

Lost Income

A major truck accident can leave you without income temporarily while you recover from your injuries. You can pursue the income that you lost while you were off work while recovering.

However, a permanent impairment from the accident may make you unable to return to your previous job or your career field altogether. This situation may qualify you to seek loss of future earning capacity as part of your financial recovery.

Pain and Suffering, and Mental Distress

A recovery in a personal injury claim can also include damages for non-economic losses or those with no specific monetary value. These losses often are just as significant as economic losses and may include:

  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Emotional trauma and mental anguish
  • Loss of enjoyment of life and participation in activities

Valuating these losses may be more challenging. However, you can produce evidence showing the necessary changes and limitations on your life your injuries have caused.

What Can Your Law Firm Do to Help Me Get a Financial Recovery for My Injuries?

The lawyers from our law firm will step up and face the big insurance and trucking companies that will try to deny liability in your case. Their profits are their bottom line, so they will do anything they can to:

  • Minimize your injuries
  • Excuse their wrongdoing
  • Deny you coverage for your injuries

When you face this type of situation, a legal advocate may be more effective in helping you pursue a financial recovery for your injuries.

What do I Need to Know About Proving Negligence in My Truck Accident Case?

Negligence typically occurs in truck accidents when a truck driver fails to act or acts carelessly or recklessly, putting others at an unreasonable risk of harm. For instance, if a trucker violates a traffic law and the resulting accident injures others, that violation may constitute evidence of negligence.

All truck drivers must drive carefully and lawfully for the safety of others. When drivers fail to meet this legal duty of care, and an accident results that hurts others, they can be liable.

Trucking Companies Could Be Liable for Your Killeen Accident Losses

If truck drivers are employees of trucking companies, those trucking companies also may face liability for the negligence of their employees. Numerous federal and state regulations that govern the trucking industry. Violations of these regulations could also make companies liable.

Examples of proper behaviors the trucking company must exhibit include:

  • Properly screening and performing background checks on employees
  • Subjecting employees to random drug and alcohol testing as required to avoid impaired driving
  • Ensuring that employees comply with hours of service requirements to avoid drowsy driving
  • Inspecting and maintaining trucks for service and repair issues

What Parties Are Responsible for Paying for the Costs of My Injuries?

A truck driver may be negligent in causing your truck accident in many cases. Driving in the following ways can point to negligence on the part of a truck driver:

  • While distracted
  • While impaired
  • While speeding
  • While committing other traffic violations

Establishing negligence can prove liability in a truck accident case. However, other parties may have liability in a trucking accident case, as well. These parties can include:

  • Other motorists, in the case of multi-vehicle accidents
  • Trucking companies who employ negligent truck drivers
  • Companies responsible for improperly loading semi truck trailers
  • Mechanics and maintenance companies responsible for inspecting and repairing semi trucks

Trucking companies are required by Texas law to have insurance. This could benefit your case.

What Time Limits does Texas Law Place on My Ability to Sue After a Truck Accident?

Texas law places strict time limits on your ability to file a lawsuit for damages for your injuries after a truck accident. Generally, you must file your personal injury lawsuit in court no later than two years from the date of your accident. Missing this deadline can make you unable to pursue a financial recovery for your injuries.

While it may seem like you have a long time to file your suit, accident investigations take time. Trucking accidents and investigations can be complex. So, getting legal advice from the very beginning of your case may be helpful. Taking this step can ensure that you do not miss any crucial filing deadlines.

Our Team of Killeen Truck Accident Lawyers Is Here to Help

We know that you and your family are likely going through a challenging time after suffering injuries in a truck accident. The good news is that while you focus on getting well, we can focus our efforts on your legal case.

You can rely on your truck accident lawyer from our firm to get legal assistance throughout every step of your Killeen personal injury claim.

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