McAllen Commercial Truck Accident Lawyer

McAllen Commercial Truck Accident Lawyer  

Being involved in a commercial truck accident can be scary, even traumatic. Coping with the aftereffects of a truck accident can be overwhelming, especially when you are trying to manage communication with multiple parties while trying to recover from your injuries.  


That’s where D. Miller & Associates, PLLC® comes in. With our resources, our personal injury lawyers can support you through the legal aspect of your case so you can focus on recovery without all the pressure of handling the many aspects of the case by yourself.  


Benefits of Hiring a Commercial Truck Accident Lawyer 


Our team of attorneys is dedicated to supporting you. Once you have hired a personal injury lawyer from our team, we will: 


  • Investigate your accident to the best of our abilities, using our resources  
  • Gather evidence, including interview witnesses if possible 
  • Determine who is at fault for the accident  
  • Work with other parties involved to negotiable to acquire a fair financial award 


We pride ourselves on our accessibility to you. While you are working with us, rest assured you are our top priority. We will be with you each step of the way, being supportive and helping you to close a traumatic event in your life.  


We Understand the Process  


Hiring a lawyer is the most efficient use of your resources. We understand the laws and procedures related to your case. While other parties’ representatives and insurance companies may use legal terms pertaining to your case, we will use practical language while explaining what is happening in your case. We will look at the facts and information provided to help present you with options on how to move forward with your case.  


We Can Communicate on Your Behalf 


When you are involved in an accident, there can be many different parties associated with your case, which can be overwhelming. Letting us communicate with other parties on your behalf can help lessen your stress. We will strongly advocate for what you deserve.  


Working with a lawyer gives you a better chance of being able to receive a financial award to help take care of the damages as a result of the accident. Insurance companies and other parties involved may try to give you a low offer, not realizing you are aware of the compensation you could receive.  


We Will File Paperwork For You 


Completing paperwork to file a claim or a lawsuit can become frustrating with complications of the details. One error or a simple mistake can have a huge impact on your case. Hiring a lawyer from our team helps take away some of that frustration. We understand the details and efficiency needed to complete forms and necessary paperwork. Let us complete the tedious paperwork responsibilities so that you can focus on the road to recovery.  


We Can Represent You in a Lawsuit 


If a settlement is not reached, we can represent you in court. Our goal is to support you throughout your case, helping you to seek the compensation you need, regardless of the path it entails.  


  1. Miller & Associates, PLLC® Have Your Best Interests in Mind


Our team knows how to give personalized attention, assuring you aren’t just another case number to be represented. We work hard to support you from the moment you call us until you receive compensation.  


Clients that have hired a member from our team at D. Miller & Associates, PLLC® can attest to the service and dedication we can provide you. Consider these selected reviews from past clients: 


  • “Very attentive and helpful law firm. Quick to answer your questions and explain tough legal language and made a negative time of my life have a positive outcome and brighter future.” – Daniel Lieberg 


  • “The staff here are genuinely concerned about what is going on in our lives. They have walked me through every step, and I sincerely appreciate their helpfulness.” – Shelley Flynt Bradley 


  • “Every time I’ve called, they have been very courteous and attentive. They also answered all the questions I had regarding my case and made me feel like they truly care about my claim. Even though my case is still pending I know I will go to them for any other legal issues I may have in the future.” – Adrianne Frencl 


What Should I Do After a Commerical Truck Accident? 


After seeking medical attention, it is important you contact us as quickly as possible after the accident. Scheduling your case evaluation will allow us to gather details so that we provide you with options on how to move forward and are able to begin building a strong case for you. The quicker we are able to work on your case, the more thorough our investigation can be.  


According to Texas Law,  there is a two-year timeline in order to file a personal injury lawsuit. If you do not meet this timeline, you risk the opportunity to receive a financial award from the responsible party. Beginning to work with a lawyer as soon as possible gives you more opportunity to build your case with the most evidence possible, as well as start to value the losses you experienced.  


You Might Be Eligible For Financial Recovery After Your Accident  


Losses after an accident can be hard to value. There are many aspects to consider. You could recover economic and non-economic damages, such as: 


  • Medical costs 
  • Income changes  
  • Property damage or repair 
  • Pain and suffering 
  • Loss of enjoyment  


Talking with a commercial truck accident lawyer can help value the losses you endured because of the accident. You could be dealing with severe anxiety and uncontrollable thoughts because of the accident, which can lead to post-traumatic stress disorder, changing the way you function on a day-to-day basis. It is important to receive the financial help you need to recover from your injuries and adjust to life after the accident.  


Contact our Commerical Truck Accident Lawyers Today 

When you are ready to take the next step after your accident, call our McAllen attorneys to help fight for your rights. After sustaining injuries from an accident, you deserve financial recovery to help take care of the losses you have experienced. Contact us to schedule your case evaluation.