Plano Drunk Driving Accident & Injury Lawyer

Drinking and driving is a reckless and dangerous mix that can lead to serious car accidents. If you or someone you love were injured by a drunk driver, our team at D. Miller & Associates, PLLC® will help you seek financial recovery. We have helped personal injury clients hold at-fault parties liable for their actions since 2002. 

Our Plano drunk driving accident and injury lawyer will handle all communications related to your case. Getting into a car accident because of an intoxicated driver is a frightening experience. Dealing with the complex legal process of obtaining personal injury damages can be a daunting one. Our law firm will manage your case, so you can focus on getting better.

Trust Our Client-Focused Law Firm to Fight for You

Our legal team will help you pursue financial recovery after a drunk driving accident. We offer legal guidance whether you were a driver injured in an accident or you lost a loved one in an accident.

Our team will also help you seek financial recovery if you were the passenger in a car accident in Texas. When we represent you, our legal team will:

  • Investigate your accident
  • Explain personal injury law
  • Collect supporting evidence
  • Prove the at-fault driver’s intoxication
  • Communicate with the insurance company

We also navigate the settlement negotiation process from start to finish. Our team works hard to guide you toward a well-informed settlement decision. 

Holding an Intoxicated Driver Responsible After a Drunk Driving Accident

According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) statistics, 13,592 people were fatally injured in alcohol-involved car accidents in Texas between 2009 and 2018. To prove the driver who hit your car was under the influence of alcohol, we will:

  • Obtain a copy of your police report
  • Review field sobriety test results
  • Review the at-fault driver’s BAC
  • Identify and interview witnesses

An intoxicated driver cannot safely operate their vehicle. Our investigation will prove the duty, breach, causation, and damages that lead to financial recovery. 

Economic and Non-Economic Damages You Can Recover

A car accident of any severity can result in serious injuries. Treating your injuries can be costly and extensive. These are costs that the at-fault driver — not you or your family —should incur. Our legal team will help you recover the following damages:

  • All accident-related medical care
  • All accident-related income loss
  • Loss of future earning capacity
  • Ongoing physical pain and suffering

In some cases, you might be able to recover punitive damages. These are rare but might be available to you because the drunk driver’s actions were wantonly negligent. 

Wrongful Death Damages Survivors Can Request

If your family lost a loved one in a fatal drunk driving accident, we are sorry for your loss. We are also dedicated to recovering damages for your family. Wrongful death damages will include your loved one’s funeral and burial costs. You can also recover damages for your pain and suffering and mental anguish. Finally, you can seek financial recovery for loss of consortium and companionship.

How Time Limits Affect Plano, TX Personal Injury Lawsuits

The personal injury and wrongful death statutes of limitations in Plano are governed by Texas law. Accordingly, you generally have two years to file your lawsuit. In most cases, your case will settle out of court. If a settlement agreement cannot be reached, we will take your case to court and keep fighting for favorable financial recovery.

The statute of limitations is mandatory but can also be difficult since many circumstances of your accident can cause it to change. A misinterpretation of the filing deadline can put your case in jeopardy. With enough notice from you, we will not let the filing deadline expire. 

At D. Miller & Associates, PLLC®, our drunk driving accident and injury lawyer serving Plano will ensure timely filing of your lawsuit. 

How Texas Law Supports Your Right to Pursue Financial Recovery

Driving with a blood alcohol concentration of .08 or higher is illegal in the state of Texas, according to Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) guidelines. Our investigation will include gathering evidence that proves intoxication.

According to Texas law, a business or establishment could bear liability for your accident if they overserved the driver who hit your car. Our investigation will include proving the at-fault driver was not cut off from access to alcohol before the collision, if applicable.

Leave it to us. Our law firm will get to work on your case right away. We will provide clarity on complex legal language and ensure you are aware of each step we take on your behalf.

Personal Injury Clients Recommend D. Miller & Associates, PLLC®

Outstanding client service is always our goal. When previous clients leave online recommendations for our law firm, they say the following:

  • “I was recently involved in a car accident and was referred to D. Miller & Associates. I was completely lost, and I had no idea what to do initially…The entire process was made easy for me, and I will recommend this firm to all my friends and family.” – Dakota Garcia
  • “I’m so glad I chose D. Miller & Associates. After my accident, I was in so much pain, but my case manager helped me get the medical treatment I needed. She answered all my questions and took the time to explain all my options…will definitely recommend to anyone.” – Jasmin Sanchez

We never treat you like a case file. Instead, our law firm makes your case a priority. We never stop fighting for you or for the financial recovery you are entitled to for the at-fault driver’s negligence. 

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An intoxicated driver can put you and everyone else on the road in serious danger. If you or a loved one were hit by a drunk driver, we can help. Our drunk driving accident and injury lawyer serving Plano can help you recover financial damages. Contact our case evaluation team at D. Miller & Associates, PLLC® to get your free consultation.