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The impact of a catastrophic injury is far more significant than that of other personal injuries. For example, you may face higher medical bills, greater physical and emotional pain, and larger long-term impacts on your health and career. Worse, you know your injury could have been prevented if the liable party had behaved reasonably and responsibly.

If you were injured in Round Rock, a catastrophic injury lawyer from D. Miller & Associates, PLLC™ would like to help. First, we work closely with clients and their families to determine the right course of action, and then we fight hard for the financial recovery that would make your life easier.

Getting Legal Help for a Catastrophic Personal Injury

According to Texas law, you have two years to file a lawsuit after suffering a personal injury or after losing a loved one to a catastrophic injury. You must take action before this deadline. Otherwise, you:

  • Signal to the legal system that you are giving up your right to recovery
  • Will not be able to file a lawsuit in the future
  • You will never be able to collect financial recovery, even if you need it

We can help you better understand your rights under the law, including what actions you must take and in what timeframes to protect your interests. We can also:

  • Be accessible to you by phone, email, or Facebook live stream.
  • Investigate your case by collecting documentary evidence, speaking with witnesses, and taking any other action we feel may be helpful.
  • Tell the insurance company you are suing and why, and negotiate with them for a settlement that covers your current and future needs.
  • Fighting for a jury award, if we cannot get the insurance company to agree to a fair settlement
  • Handling all communication with others, including paperwork, phone calls, emails, and so on—and relaying messages from you to the other side
  • Keeping you updated about your case’s progress and help you figure out how to respond to new developments as they arise

We pride ourselves on providing our clients compassionate, accessible, and professional services. We communicate regularly with clients and encourage them to ask as many questions as they need to understand and feel comfortable with their legal journey.

Damages Catastrophic Injuries Can Cause

A catastrophic injury attorney from our office might be able to help you secure fair financial recovery. The insurance company may offer you a fast settlement, but there is no guarantee that their first offer will meet your needs. Part of our job is to figure out how much you are entitled to receive for the following categories:

Financial Losses

Catastrophic injuries can cost victims a great deal by:

  • Keeping them home from work as they recuperate
  • Forcing them to quit their job and, if possible, find a new one that might not pay as much
  • Forcing them to go through retraining to qualify for a new job that will accommodate their injury
  • Necessitating significant, long-term medical expenses for surgery, homecare, assistive devices, therapy, and other forms of treatment
  • Generating other expenses related to property damage, hiring people to help them with everyday chores, and so on

You should not have to suffer financially because of someone else’s bad decision. Instead, you can demand reimbursement for your monetary losses through a catastrophic personal injury lawsuit.

Physical Losses

As you already know, catastrophic injuries have a significant impact on the victim’s physical well-being by:

  • Causing pain and discomfort
  • Leading to temporary disabling injuries, including severe burns, fractured bones, and so on
  • Leading to permanent disabling injuries, including loss of a sense, organ damage, amputation, brain damage, and so on
  • Leaving them with permanent scars or other marks that affect their appearance or their ability to use the injured area
  • Worsening preexisting conditions

If you suffered physically in any way, you could qualify for financial recovery.

Mental Losses

In addition to physical distress, catastrophic injuries also frequently wreak havoc on victims’ emotional and psychological health by:

  • Causing public humiliation or loss of reputation
  • Causing mental distress, trauma, and mental illness
  • Leaving them unable to live independently or perform tasks that were once normal for them, thus affecting their self-esteem and lifestyle
  • Affecting their relationships with friends or family
  • Worsening preexisting conditions

Physical and mental losses may be difficult to put into financial terms, as they are intangible and, to some extent, subjective. We can nonetheless do so by collecting testimony, documents, and other evidence to establish the severity of your catastrophic injuries and prove your need for damages.

What Constitutes a Catastrophic Injury?

There are differences between catastrophic injury cases and regular personal injury cases. Specifically, catastrophic injuries are a particular type of personal injury that includes only the most severe physical and psychological consequences, including:

  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs)
  • Concussions
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Skull fractures
  • Injuries leading to paralysis or loss of limbs
  • Fatal injuries

The prognosis of catastrophic injuries varies from case to case. Regardless, you have experienced severe pain and deserve justice, including a satisfactory financial recovery. Our law firm wants to help you get the recovery you need and deserve.

When Catastrophic Injuries Turn Fatal

What happens if the accident victim passes away before they can seek damages or before their catastrophic injury lawsuit has concluded? Their case would then become a wrongful death lawsuit, and their closest relatives can continue the fight for recovery.

Our team has represented both personal injury and wrongful death victims since 2002. We are sorry for your loss and would like to make this difficult time a little easier by taking the legal burden off your shoulders.

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