San Antonio Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer

Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) occur when a sudden trauma damages the brain. This trauma can be from a violent hit, blow, or jolt. Traumatic brain injuries also are the result of an object piercing the skull and entering brain tissue.

If you or a loved one has a traumatic brain injury caused by someone’s careless or negligent act, you should learn about your legal options. A traumatic brain injury lawyer serving San Antonio may be able to help you recover damages for medical treatment, rehabilitation, and other losses.

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Why Traumatic Brain Injuries Are Life-Changing

Every year, more than 2 million adults and children suffer brain injuries severe enough to require emergency care, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The CDC considers traumatic brain injuries to be a significant contributor to physical and cognitive impairments.

As traumatic brain injury lawyers serving San Antonio, D. Miller & Associates, PLLC has seen how these catastrophic events affect both patient and family.

TBI Patients Require Extensive Medical Care

Most TBI patients need extensive medical care. The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke estimates that 50% of severe head-injured patients must have surgery to remove or repair hematomas (burst blood vessels) or contusions (damaged brain tissue).

Little can be done to reverse brain damage, but some treatments and therapies improve the quality of life for TBI survivors. Many need the help of physical and speech therapists to relearn how to walk, talk, and perform daily life activities.

TBI Patients Often Suffer Lifelong Impairments

Depending on the severity of the injury and how quickly the patient received emergency care, a TBI survivor may be permanently disabled. They may have trouble with memory, decision making, social skills, and communication. Some people with traumatic brain injury are unable to work or complete their education.

Loss of Life

On average, more than 56,000 adults and over 2,500 children lose their lives in a TBI-related injury, according to the CDC. The tragic loss of a loved one is devastating for surviving family members. It can also affect their quality of life if the victim was a major contributor to the family’s income.

If you or a family member suffered injuries because of someone’s carelessness, you could be entitled to financial recovery for medical care, lifecare, and loss of income. Call D. Miller & Associates, PLLC today for a free case evaluation: (713) 850-8600.

How a Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer Can Help

Traumatic brain injuries are often the result of someone’s reckless act. If another person did not take reasonable and prudent measures to avoid injuring you, you might be able to recover damages.

A traumatic brain injury lawyer in San Antonio with D. Miller & Associates, PLLC has a deep understanding of the necessary procedures in seeking recovery. Texas has complex liability and negligence laws that few people feel comfortable navigating on their own.

Our legal team may be able to help you recover damages and justice for a brain injury caused by negligence as the result of a:

  • Car accident
  • Truck, 18-wheeler, or semi-truck accident
  • Motorcycle accident
  • Bike accident
  • Pedestrian accident
  • Bus accident
  • Hit and run
  • Head-on collision
  • Drunken driving (DWI) accident
  • Distracted driving accident
  • Drowsy driver accident
  • Defective tire accident
  • Slip and fall
  • Premises liability
  • Workplace accident
  • Construction accident
  • Medical malpractice
  • Violent act
  • And more

We look for signs of liability in your case to help you get financial recovery for your injuries and expenses.

What We Need to Show Liability

Our lawyers look for evidence and documentation that someone’s careless act (or failure to act) caused your injury.

This evidence might include:

  • Other party’s alcohol and blood test results.
  • Police reports.
  • Workplace incident report.
  • Photos or videos.
  • Your injuries and expected prognosis.
  • Other party’s history of related incidents, charges, unsafe conditions, or violations.

A lawyer with D. Miller & Associates, PLLC will secure testimony from medical, vocational, and economic experts to support our claim for negligence. To find out more about how our firm can help you seek potential recovery, call (713) 850-8600.

If our free case evaluation shows that we can help you recover damages, D. Miller & Associates, PLLC will pursue recovery on your behalf.

There are several benefits for you and your loved ones when you hire a traumatic brain injury lawyer:

  • Protecting your legal rights.
  • Compiling the necessary evidence of liability and negligence.
  • Filing a detailed claim against the other party’s insurance.
  • Taking your case to court, if needed.
  • Allowing you to focus on feeling better and resting.

Some of the damages that you might be entitled to recover could include:

  • Ambulance and emergency department visit.
  • Hospitalization.
  • Surgery and post-surgical care.
  • Rehabilitation therapies.
  • Vocational retraining if unable to return to your prior job.
  • Lost wages and/or reduced earnings.
  • Lifecare expenses.
  • Medical devices and equipment.
  • Pain and suffering.
  • Property damage that occurred during the accident or injury.
  • Mental anguish.
  • Loss of consortium.

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When You Should Call a Lawyer

Feel free to contact a traumatic brain injury lawyer at any time. You should know Texas § 16.003 gives a two-year statute of limitations period for taking legal action, so we strongly suggest that you call D. Miller & Associates, PLLC as soon as possible.

Our firm understands how a traumatic brain injury affects everyone in your family. We are here to guide you through the legal path toward financial recovery. A member of our team is happy to meet with you. Call (713) 850-8600 for a free case evaluation.