If you were injured in a bicycle accident in The Woodlands, Texas, you may be able to file a claim against the at-fault party to recover your medical expenses, lost wages, and other damages.

The law firm of D. Miller & Associates, PLLC offers comprehensive legal services for bicyclists hurt in car accidents. You do not have to face the legal process alone.

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Bicycle Accidents Our Legal Team Handles

Regardless of how you were injured in your bicycle accident, we may be able to help you recover damages. We handle a range of bicycle accidents cases, including:

  • Distracted, negligent, or reckless driving cases
  • Manufacturer defects
  • Competitive cycling accidents
  • Accidents caused by poor road conditions
  • Pedestrian accidents

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Who is Responsible for Your Bicycle Accident?

Determining who is liable for your accident depends on a number of factors, including how the accident happened. Our law firm can investigate your accident to identify who is responsible for your injuries.

Some of the parties who may be liable for your injuries include:

  • A Car Driver: If you were hit by a car while on your bike, the driver may have been negligent, distracted, or under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • The Bicycle Manufacturer: The bicycle manufacturer may have built a defective part that caused your bicycle to operate improperly.
  • A Pedestrian: If you collided with a pedestrian or veered to avoid a pedestrian who stepped in your path, they may be held liable.

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Comparative Negligence in a Bicycle Accident

In a comparative negligence case, both the plaintiff and the defendant may be held liable, in part, for the bicycle accident. By Texas law, you may qualify for compensation even if you are partially at fault for the accident.

For more information, contact a D. Miller & Associates, PLLC bicycle accident lawyer. We may be able to help you establish who is liable for the accident and determine how much the other party contributed to your injuries.

How a D. Miller & Associates, PLLC Attorney May Be Able to Help You

We can help you with a bicycle accident case in the following ways:

File a Claim and Documentation

A bicycle accident lawyer in The Woodlands, TX can manage your case by engaging with the at-fault party or insurance company, handling important documents, and representing you through the claims process.

Provide Evidence of Liability

Our law firm may gather compelling evidence to prove who is responsible for your accident as well as the nature of your injuries and the circumstance of your accident. Evidence we collect might include:

  • Reports from law enforcement
  • Accounts from bystanders who witnessed the event
  • Footage caught by video or photographic evidence
  • Medical treatment documents, such as bills or test results
  • Proof of income you lost due to your injury

Speak With Medical Experts About Your Injuries

We may consult medical experts about the cause of your accident, long-term health effects, and treatment you may receive.

File a Claim With the Insurance Company

For most cases, we will file your claim with the at-fault party’s insurance company. The insurance provider will deliberate the claim, and either offer a settlement or dismiss your claim.

Pursue Recovery for Your Damages in Court

If we are unable to reach a settlement with the insurance company, we may file a lawsuit to pursue recovery in court.

Seeking Recovery for Your Expenses and Losses

You may experience a wide range of expenses and losses after your accident. Your damages may include physical injuries, the emotional effects of the accident, and financial losses.

It is impossible to estimate the value of your damages, as many variables affect case value. Some of the losses we may account for when pursuing a recovery include:

Hospital Bills and Expenses

You may be able to recover your medical expenses including hospitalization, extended care, medication, surgeries, and doctor visits.

Lost Pay and Benefits

Your recovery may account for lost wages and loss of future earning capacity, including loss of health care and retirement benefits.

Pain and Suffering

Your claim may also include non-economic damages such as emotional turmoil, pain and suffering over a long period, loss of consortium, or loss of previous living standards.

All Personal Injury Claims in Texas Have a Two-Year Deadline

The state of Texas gives claimants two years to file a personal injury case, including bicycle accident cases, under Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code, Title 2 § 16.033.

If you do not pursue recovery within the two year-deadline, you may not have a legal right to recover damages for your injuries.

Seek Legal Help From a Bicycle Accident Lawyer in The Woodlands, TX

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