Tyler Dog Bite Injury Lawyer

If you were hurt in a dog attack in Tyler, you may be able to secure a financial recovery that will allow you to pay for your medical treatment, future care needs, lost income, and more. A dog bite injury lawyer serving Tyler from D. Miller & Associates, PLLC™ may be able to file your insurance claim or sue the dog’s owner on your behalf.

Our team will evaluate your legal options after your Tyler, Texas dog bite injuries for free. We can determine your rights based on the facts of your case.

Financial Recovery for Your Tyler Dog Bite Injury Expenses and Losses

D.Miller & Associates, PLLC™ can help you pursue recovery of the expenses and losses you incurred because of your injuries. The severity of a dog bite injury and the resulting financial damages can vary widely. These attacks can cause lasting disfigurement, require future surgery, or even cause lifelong impairments and lost wages.

Our team will identify the harm you suffered and seek financial recovery to help you pay for related costs. The types of recoverable losses in these cases could include:

Non-Economic Losses

Non-economic losses are sometimes called “pain and suffering damages.” These are the intangible losses you might experience, including physical pain, mental anguish, reduced quality of life, and more.

Economic Expenses

Dog bites are expensive. Even minor puncture wounds require medical treatment, and there is a high risk of infection and scarring. The cost of medical care and other related expenses are recoverable. This includes future care costs, such as plastic surgery for extensive scarring.

If you missed work because of a dog bite injury, the wages you did not receive may also be recoverable.

Wrongful Death-Related Losses

You can pursue damages if you lost a loved one due to a dog bite. Per the American Bar Association (ABA), some compensable damages in this situation can include:

  • Your loved one’s healthcare expenses
  • Funeral, burial, cremation, and memorial costs
  • Loss of the decedent’s income
  • Loss of parental guidance
  • Loss of consortium

You can learn more about your options when you reach out to our law firm.

We Fight for Financial Recovery on Behalf of Tyler Dog Bite Victims

Our team knows how scary and frustrating dog bite injuries can be. Since 2002, we have helped people who suffered injuries because of someone else’s negligence. We may be able to help you secure a financial recovery, as well.

Our attorneys and staff are accessible and available to answer questions and address any concerns you have. Regular case updates are also available, but we deal with the insurer and other parties so you can focus on their physical recovery and healing.

If we represent you in your Tyler dog bite injury case, you can count on our team to:

  • Manage all communication and paperwork related to your case
  • Identify, secure, and analyze the evidence and facts of the case
  • Build an argument to support your insurance claim
  • Preparing your claim, lawsuit, and other documents as needed
  • Representing you in settlement negotiations, court appearances, or at trial

Under Texas law, we generally have two years to sue the dog’s owner or caregiver if we need to do so. We need to complete many tasks before coming to this conclusion, including attempting to negotiate with the insurance company in good faith.

Call us as soon as your injuries will allow. We will evaluate your case and determine how D. Miller & Associates, PLLC™ can help. If we choose to work together toward your financial recovery, we can get to work right away.

Dog Bites Can be Instances of Negligence

Unlike many states, Texas does not have a law on the books to specifically address the liability of owners following a dog bite. Instead, common law supplies the rules that outline these cases. However, it may be possible to use the Texas personal injury laws to hold the owner responsible and secure financial recovery.

There are generally two ways a dog bite injury lawyer serving Tyler from D. Miller & Associates, PLLC™ could build a case for you after a dog bite incident:

The “One Bite” Rule

To hold an owner liable for their dog’s bad behavior in Texas, our team must show:

  • The dog has a history of “vicious” behavior or threatening this type of behavior
  • The owner was aware of this history
  • The dog bit you
  • You did not provoke the dog

In effect, following common law to prove these cases gives the dog one free bite before their owner is responsible for their bad behavior. This could leave you paying for your medical care and other expenses on your own.

Understanding Texas’s Personal Injury Laws

By showing the dog’s owner acted negligently, and this allowed the injury to occur, we may be able to secure a recovery for you even if there is no known vicious behavior in the dog’s background. This could include showing the owner violated municipal laws or other regulations that would have prevented the bite incident.

This is often possible when the dog was running free in a neighborhood or not on-leash in a local park.

If the dog’s owner or caregiver acted irresponsibly and this led to your bite, we can help you file an insurance claim or sue the liable party for a financial recovery.

Talk to Our Dog Bite Team Serving Tyler, Texas

If you, your child, or another family member suffered injuries in a dog attack, a dog bite lawyer serving Tyler from D. Miller & Associates, PLLC™ may be able to help you hold the dog’s owner liable. You may be able to secure a financial recovery for the injuries and damages you suffered.

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