Tyler Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

If you or someone you love sustained injuries in a motorcycle accident, financial recovery could be possible. Securing fair financial recovery might require a personal injury lawsuit, but many cases are resolved without the need for legal action. 

A motorcycle accident lawyer serving Tyler could review your case to understand the nature of your injuries, your financial needs, and the strength of your case. Our team could evaluate this information and help you determine your legal options following a motorcycle accident. 

Our Attorneys Could Help Secure a Favorable Outcome in Your Accident Case

Our firm could help you pursue justice for your injuries in numerous ways. Countless steps go into a successful motorcycle accident injury case, and we could assist you with pursuing each of them. Some of the ways we could help include:

Investigating Your Accident

Your case starts with an investigation into your motorcycle accident. The initial investigation should address two main issues: the cause of your accident and the extent of your damages. For instance, we might find that a negligent motorcycle rider caused your accident. Lane splitting is illegal in Texas, but many people still do it. The rider could have driven recklessly, causing your injuries.

Investigating the cause of the accident could involve a combination of interviewing witnesses, reviewing traffic camera footage, and reading the police report. This effort will usually shine a light on the individuals or entities responsible for your collision. 

The investigation will also evaluate the extent of your damages. This starts with your physical injuries but could also include the emotional and financial hardships of an accident.

Making a Case for Negligence

Building a case for negligence is vital for anyone seeking financial recovery following a motorcycle accident. At the close of the initial investigation, our attorneys will use what we have learned to build a theory of negligence. 

Proving negligence is a four-step process. Our attorneys must:

  • Establish the other party owed you a duty of care
  • Show they breached that duty
  • Establish causation that links their actions with your injuries
  • Display compensable damages you suffered due to your accident 

Serving as Your Advocate

Many important steps exist in the aftermath of a motorcycle accident. Few steps are more important than avoiding a discussion of your case with the other party’s insurance company. 

The other insurance company will likely reach out in the hours or days following your accident. Their purpose is not to check on your wellbeing but instead to pin down your story to discredit it. 

Due to the risks of speaking to the insurance company, you could benefit from allowing our firm to serve as your advocate. We could deal with the insurance company so that you don’t have to. 

Negotiating a Settlement

Settlements frequently happen in motorcycle accident cases. While a settlement is never guaranteed, most motorcycle accident cases will never ultimately go to trial. Settlement offers might be common. Not all of them are worth accepting, though. Insurance companies are known for making inadequate settlement offers in the hope that they could avoid paying the full value of a claim. 

Our attorneys have experience negotiating with the insurance companies. We understand their tactics and could provide you with insight on whether their offers are reasonable or not. 

Pursuing Litigation

Cases that do not settle typically go to trial. Our firm handles all of the work that goes into building a case for trial, and we will work to prepare you should the day of the trial ultimately come. We reduce the stress of litigation and work up until the moment of trial to resolve your case amicably with the other side. 

The Personal Injury Statute of Limitations Applies to Motorcycle Cases

You have the right to file a personal injury lawsuit following a motorcycle accident, but the time frame to do so is not unlimited. The statute of limitations is the legal deadline for all personal injury cases, including those stemming from a motorcycle accident. 

According to Texas law, you have a two-year window to file your lawsuit. This period begins to expire on the date of your accident. If you file your case after the two-year window has passed, you could see the court dismiss your case with prejudice. 

Limited exceptions apply to the statute of limitations, but it is risky to assume that any of them apply in your case. To protect your chance for financial recovery, you could benefit from discussing the statute of limitations with our firm during a free consultation. 

We Are Dedicated to Keeping Our Clients Well-Informed

You understandably would wonder about the status of your motorcycle accident injury case. The potential for financial recovery could weigh heavily in your mind, and it is your attorney’s role to keep you informed at all times. 

Our firm takes pride in the accessibility we offer to our clients. As a client, you will have the opportunity to get prompt answers to your important questions. 

You Could Have Financial Options if You Lost a Loved One in a Motorcycle Accident

Too many lives are lost to motor vehicle accidents, and Tyler sees many of these incidents. KLTV reported on an accident that could resemble yours. Our team will guide you through your case for wrongful death damages.

You Can Secure Financial Support Following a Motorcycle Accident

If your personal injury case is successful, you could obtain the financial recovery you need to cover your medical costs and address your other losses. While these cases can have a favorable outcome, securing one is not always simple. Our firm is prepared to work tirelessly to help you get the outcome you deserve.

Miller & Associates, PLLC understands how to pursue fair financial recovery following a motorcycle accident in Tyler. If you are ready to get started with your case, our lawyers could help. Contact us for your free consultation as soon as possible.