Yesterday there was a collective feeling of mourning in the Houston area after hearing of a baby killed as a result of an accident between his mother’s SUV and an 18 wheeler. All of us at D. Miller Law wish to express our sympathies to the young family including the slain 9-month-old’s mother and 3-year-old brother who were both injured in the wreck.

The accident, on Highway 249 in Tomball. happened Monday, Aug. 3 around 1 pm. The Department of Public Safety is investigating the circumstances leading to the family’s Hyundai SUV crashing into the back of the tractor trailer truck which was parked in the right traffic lane with its blinkers on. The Milan Express driver was attempting to make a delivery to a nearby business and was on the phone with the business owner at the moment of impact.

The baby who was in the back of the van and strapped into his car seat was killed instantly. His mother and brother were taken to Tomball Regional Medical Center and listed in stable condition.

It is not yet known what charges may be filed against the truck driver, but we are confident that detectives will conduct a thorough investigation and will be working with the Montgomery County authorities on this matter. According to their website, the Texas Department of Public Safety’s objective is to “…reduce commercial motor vehicle accidents through the enforcement of Motor Carrier Safety Regulations…to protect the rights, privileges, and safety of the general public in the use of the public highway system by securing compliance with traffic laws and regulations applicable to the operation of all vehicles.”

There are far too many deadly truck accidents in the U.S. with about 5,000 persons killed every year. A big rig can legally weigh 40 tons which is no match against a driver in a car or a baby in an SUV.

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