Many indications could point to you having a strong personal injury case. From the comprehensive nature of your medical records to the strength of the defendant’s offer, you could estimate what your case might be worth based on many factors.

Remember, signs that your case could be viable will never guarantee success. No one can predict the outcome of your case, especially when a jury hears it from your peers. Your Houston personal injury lawyer could evaluate your case to help you understand its strengths and challenges.

Your Injuries Are Back Up By Medical Records

If you can point to extensive documentation that establishes that your condition is real and severe, it could be a sign that your personal injury case is strong. This evidence could be convincing enough that the other side will not even dispute the extent of your injuries or the damages you request.

Alternatively, the lack of concrete evidence that establishes the extent of your injuries could make recovering damages more difficult. For example, many soft tissue injuries are entirely undetectable through the use of an x-ray machine. Without easily understandable evidence of your injuries, proving your damages could be challenging.

You Were Injured Under Circumstances That Commonly Lead to a Lawsuit

Severe bodily injuries can occur in countless ways. If a common accident caused your injuries, it could improve your chances of recovering the financial recovery you need.

Many different fact patterns frequently lead to personal injury lawsuits. The most common type of personal injury lawsuit is a car accident. If you were injured in an accident, it could indicate that your chances of success are high. This is especially true in situations where a vehicle struck you from behind or while you were not moving. These fact patterns usually result in proving the other party is liable.

Outside of car accidents, other situations often lead to personal injury cases. Some of the most common examples include:

  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Defective product accidents
  • Medical mistakes
  • Assaults
  • Animal attacks

The Negligence of Another Party Is Clear

Whether or not you are entitled to a financial recovery following an injury will depend primarily on if you can establish negligence. Negligence is a careless, reckless, or intentional act by another person that led to your injury. If that person knew or should have known they were likely to injure you, they could face responsibility for their actions.

Some circumstances in personal injury cases leave little room for doubt. When liability is not in question, the defendant and their insurance company are more likely to focus on the appropriate settlement amount.

They could do this instead of concerning themselves with whether you are entitled to a recovery at all. If there is little doubt the other party was at fault, you could have a strong case.

There Is Strong Evidence of What Happened

Even if the other side does not accept fault for your injuries, you could have a strong case depending on the evidence. The strongest cases usually involve video or photographic evidence of the accident as it happens. For example, a video of another driver running a red light and striking your vehicle could make for powerful evidence at trial.

Another example of strong evidence in a personal injury case is witness testimony. If a witness that lacks ties to you or the defendant witnessed your injury, their account could receive substantial weight at trial. This is because juries often give careful consideration to the testimony of unbiased parties.

Substantial Time Has Not Passed Since Your Injury

You must understand that it only gets more challenging to pursue a personal injury case as time passes. Many witnesses lose their memory, and physical evidence can be lost over time.

The statute of limitations also poses an issue. If you wait too long to pursue your case, the statute of limitations could bar you from ever moving forward with your lawsuit. If you pursue your personal injury case shortly after your accident, it could be a good indicator your chances of recovery are strong.

Talk to Your Attorney About Your Personal Injury Case

We detail only a few indications you have a strong personal injury case here. The best way to get a feel for the strength of your case is by discussing your options with your personal injury lawyer.

The D. Miller & Associates, PLLC team has been awarded many honors and is prepared to help you seek out a monetary award based on your physical injuries. Our attorneys could review your injuries and provide you with insight into the strength of your case. To get started, call 1 (855) PRO-LAWYERS as soon as possible.