Around 2am this morning, a suspected drunk driver caused a deadly accident in NW Harris County according to the Harris County Sherriff’s Office.

The drunk driver suspect was heading west down FM 1960 in an SUV near Fritz Oak Place. His 4 year old daughter was sitting in the front seat and not in a child safety seat. He made a U-turn and was hit by another car. The driver of the car died at the scene of the accident.
The suspected drunk driver was not injured, but his daughter was taken to an area hospital and listed in stable condition. The SUV driver has been charged with intoxication manslaughter. Additional charges may be filed later.

According to the Texas Department of Transportation, in Texas someone is injured or killed in a wreck involving alcohol every 20 minutes. You are considered legally intoxicated here with a .08 BAC (blood or breath alcohol concentration) or higher and can be arrested and charged with a DWI.

If like the suspected drunk driver involved in today’s fatal accident, you have a passenger younger than 15 years of age, you can be charged with child endangerment for driving while intoxicated.

Victims of drunk drivers will have their lives impacted permanently. They and their loved ones may carry the scars and the trauma forever. Lives have been shattered because someone decided to drink and drive.

It is time that we all take responsibility to never get behind the wheel of a vehicle when drinking or otherwise impaired and to stop others from doing so. If you go plan on drinking, choose one of these options instead of risking innocent lives by driving impaired:

  • designate a sober driver
  • call a taxi
  • use mass transit
  • call a sober friend or family member
  • stay where you are

Our sympathies go out to the victims and family members of today’s suspected drunk driving accident. We hope for the day when news stories like this are rare instead of all too commonplace.