Each summer motorcyclists enjoy the freedom of the open road. Unfortunately, as a Houston personal injury firm we see many clients with life threatening injuries and even death because of a collision with another vehicle.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), around 85% more motorcycles are rolling down our highways than 15 years ago. While this is great news for motorcycle manufacturers and dealerships, it also has meant an increased risk of motorcycle crashes. In 2013, the NHTSA statistics showed over 2.3 million people were injured as a result of a motorcycle accident. Because motorcycles are smaller, it is far too easy for other motorists to not be aware that they are sharing the road with one until it is too late.

For that reason, it is vital that motorcycles make themselves as visible as possible and for all other drivers to be more alert for the sight and sound of a cycle. We have seen clients with devastating injuries, particularly fractures and head trauma after their accident. This in turn translates into increased medical costs, nursing care, loss of income, disability as well as the lost quality of life for the injured driver or rider. Hospital costs alone for a head trauma are normally greater than those without head injury.

We remind drivers to be aware of all vehicles sharing the road and to not drive distracted. If you are a new motorcyclist, take a safety training course and all bikers should follow up with refresher courses regularly.

Motorcyclists and their riders should always wear a DOT approved helmet. According to the Insurance Institute For Highway Safety, bikes should be equipped with anti-lock brakes reducing the risk of a fatal crash by 31%. 

Other tips for motorcyclists are to avoid riding on wet roads, wear high visibility protective gear, obey traffic laws including the speed limits and never, ever ride after drinking alcohol of any type.

Legal Help With Your Motorcycle Accident

Of course even with taking all precautions, sometimes accidents can happen. At D. Miller Law, we are proud to have helped thousands of accident victims recover their due. If you have been injured in a motorcycle or any vehicle crash, you do not need to face the insurance companies alone.

Motorcycle accidents can turn your life upside down and knowing what to do can be confusing. Not doing the right thing afterwards can negatively affect your insurance compensation. Let our dedicated legal team help protect your rights and fight to get you the money you rightfully deserve.