Car wreckAs we prepare for the big Thanksgiving feast, remember that millions of us Texans will be taking to the roads to visit our loved ones.

According to The National Safety Council, 360 people lost their lives because of a traffic accident on Thanksgiving Day in 2013. They predict that this year from Wednesday night through Sunday, approximately 433 will be killed while 52,300 people will suffer serious injuries due to a vehicle crash.

That is why along with getting the food ready to share, we need to be prepared if traveling for the holidays.

AAA Texas has estimated over 3 million Texans will be traveling over 50 miles from their home during Thanksgiving weekend, so expect the major thoroughfares to be crowded. Before you load up your pies and kids in the car, there are steps you should take to make your travel as safe as possible. Always plan before you travel and drive defensively.

  • Make sure your car is in good driving condition.
  • Pack an emergency and road safety kit in the car.
  • Check that the child safety seats are properly installed.
  • Review the weather forecast for your area and the area in which you will be traveling.
  • Leave early so that you have plenty of time for traffic slowdowns or bathroom breaks.
  • Insist that every person in your car is wearing a safety belt at all times.
  • Put your cell phone away. Do not use any electronic device, including hands free while driving. No text or call is worth risking the lives of your precious cargo.
  • Be aware of your surroundings at all times. Watch for unexpected traffic or weather situations.
  • Avoid all distractions while driving. It has been stated that up to ¼ of all auto accidents are a result of distractions.
  • Do not drive if you have been drinking or under the influence of drugs. Use a designated driver or alternative transportation if you intend to drink.

All of us at D. Miller & Associates hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday full of food, fun and family. If you do find yourself in need of legal help during this weekend, our experienced Houston injury attorneys are always just a call away.