What Is the Boy Scouts of America Sex Abuse Case?

The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) sex abuse case has made headlines across the country. The once wholesome image of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) is marred by allegations of sexual abuse that date back to the 1940s, according to Reuters.

Thousands of former scout members have bravely come forward and are suing the BSA for both alleged sexual abuse and for covering up these acts without going to the authorities.

Landmark Case in 2010 by a Former Scout Member

The BSA sex abuse case became a national sensation in 2010 when a former scout member filed a lawsuit for alleged sexual abuse by his scout leader. As a result of this landmark case, the BSA was forced to reveal its secret files that were kept under lock and key at the organization’s headquarters in Texas.

These secret files of so-called “ineligible volunteers” contain the names of 7,819 scout leaders who allegedly sexually abused 12,254 young victims, according to an article on NBC News.

As more lawsuits are filed, it becomes apparent that many of these sexual abuse cases were allegedly committed within the BSA. It is also believed that the BSA actively engaged in a coverup to protect its image as one of the largest youth organizations in the nation.

There May Be Thousands of Lawsuits

The revelation that the Boy Scouts of America kept thousands of pages of secret files of alleged sexual abuse has prompted many victims to come forward. According to USA Today, there are 250 active lawsuits against the BSA in states across the country. It is estimated that there are another 1,400 lawsuits waiting in the wings, and there may be even more.

Liable Parties in the Boy Scouts of America Sex Abuse Case

The alleged perpetrators and the Boy Scouts of America are named as co-defendants in some of these lawsuits. Other victims may not find the name of their abuser in the BSA files that were made public. It should be noted that some of these cases go back several decades and that some alleged sexual abusers have passed away.

The Boy Scouts of America organization may be held liable for:

  • Failing to protect scout members from alleged sexual abuse by adult scout leaders and volunteers.
  • Failing to notify authorities at the time they learned of these alleged acts.

It is unclear how many scout members were affected, but given the size and longevity of the BSA, there may be thousands more.

What Plaintiffs Are Seeking

Sexual abuse, particularly against a minor child, is a horrendous act that affects victims for years. Some sexual abuse survivors have trouble keeping a job, while others experience difficulties with intimate relationships.

These survivors may be seeking financial recovery and justice for damages that include:

  • Medical care and treatment, including counseling
  • Prescription medicines
  • Lost wages for unemployment or underemployment due to psychological injuries
  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish
  • Loss of companionship or consortium

Each case is unique, but all victims deserve to be heard. A lawyer who accepts sexual abuse cases can help survivors pursue recovery and justice.

Statute of Limitations Lifted in Some States

Some states have a statute of limitations that only allows a short period of time to pursue damages.

Because the BSA sex abuse case is far-reaching and involves thousands of victims, some states have expanded or suspended the time limits for filing a personal injury lawsuit. They also extended the time limit by which plaintiffs can file a lawsuit. California also passed a three-year extension on its statute of limitations.

Legal Advocacy for Sexual Abuse Survivors

If you were affected by alleged sexual abuse during your time in the BSA, you could be entitled to financial recovery. We know that telling your story is painful. We also know that some sexual abuse survivors often find closure through legal action.

You are not alone if you decide to pursue damages and justice for your injuries. Our legal team can help you make informed decisions and protect your rights.

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