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What Is the Depakote Lawsuit?

Abbott Laboratories introduced Depakote in the United States after the medication was approved by the FDA in 1978 for the treatment of epilepsy. Depakote is also prescribed to treat manic episodes associated with bipolar disorder and for the prevention of migraine headaches.

December 2009, the FDA issued a warning that there is an increased risk of major birth injuries to infants whose mothers took valproate sodium products including Depakote during pregnancy such as neural tube closure defects. In addition, the FDA has had reports of craniofacial defects and cardiovascular malformations.

According to the FDA, use of Depakote and valproate products while pregnant increases the risk of major malformations such as neural tube defects.

The NAAED (North American Anti-epileptic Drug Pregnancy Registry) has compiled data showing the risk of babies born to women taking valproate drugs like Depakote have around 4 times more risk of major defects. This risk is especially high during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, up to 1 in 20 babies. These birth defects include:

  • Neural Tube Defects Such As Spina Bifida
  • Craniofacial Defects Such As Cleft Palate
  • Cardiovascular Malformations
  • Malformations Of Other Body Systems

Women that are of childbearing age, especially those planning to become pregnant, should plan to talk with their doctor about treatments other than Depakote which might have a lower risk of birth injury. Some studies have shown that in the general population, taking folic acid supplements both before and during pregnancy may reduce the risks of spina bifida defects.

Because of the link between Depakote and these birth defects, many parents are now choosing to file a financial claim against the drug manufacturer

If your child suffered from a birth injury, they may need expensive medical care or therapy as a result. You have a right to seek compensation if the birth injury was caused by negligence or if your baby was exposed to certain drugs, such as Depakote, during your pregnancy.

Legal Help For Your Birth Injury Claim

If you took the medication Depakote while pregnant and your baby experienced serious birth defects, you may have a legal claim against the drug manufacturer. You will appreciate our experienced and caring help with all aspects of filing your claim.

As there may be a statute of limitations in your state, we encourage you to contact us immediately before it is too late for your child’s case to be filed.

The experienced attorneys at D. Miller and Associates, PLLC will provide the legal help you need to file your claim while working hard to get compensation and support for you and your family. Although any lawsuit will not lessen what you have gone through, it may give you the monies you will require for past and future medical expenses.

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