Do You Need to Pay a Retainer For Our Personal Injury Lawyers?

At D. Miller & Associates, PLLC, you do not need to pay a retainer for our personal injury lawyers. Instead, our law firm charges on a contingency fee basis. You do not pay anything unless we win your case.

We also offer free consultations to personal injury victims in Texas. If you suffered damages in a car accident, a slip and fall, a truck accident, or any other type of accidents, call us at 713-850-8600 today. We want to help you get compensation for your losses.

How Do Contingency Fees Work?

Contingency fees depend entirely on the outcome of the case. Most personal injury lawyers charge a specific percentage on contingency fee agreements. Consult us to learn how the contingency fee arrangement helps you!

Contingency fees allow you to make the best legal decision without having to worry about paying money upfront. We do not want anything to get in the way of clients getting the justice they deserve.

What If I Do Not Receive Any Compensation?

If we take your case and we don’t win, you pay nothing! We will work to get you the compensation you deserve. We understand the consequences of suffering a personal injury. We know how fast the medical bills pile up and how persistent injuries can cause a loss of future earning capacity.

What Costs Can I Expect to Pay?

You may still be responsible for additional costs that are related to your case. These costs could include the following expenses.

Administrative Fees

These are the costs associated with maintaining your file.

Expert Witness Fees

There are costs involved when we call on an expert in the industry to testify. Depending on your case, we may need a medical physician, an economist, or a licensed psychologist to offer testimony as evidence.

Court Fees

Court fees often include deposition fees, filing costs, and other expenses.

How Do I Work With a Personal Injury Attorney?

The first step is to schedule a complimentary and confidential consultation with an attorney. This is an important part of the process. It allows us to:

  • Get to know your case;
  • Learn more about you;
  • Understand the details of your accident;
  • Discuss your legal options; and
  • Answer your questions about the personal injury claims process.

How Can I Set up My Free Attorney Consultation Today?

The legal system can be very complex. The personal injury lawyers at D. Miller & Associates, PLLC, can help you navigate the process and represent your best interests every step of the way. Call one of our attorneys at 713-850-8600 today for your free consultation.