How Do I Get a Police Report for a Car Accident In Dallas?

You can get a police report for a car accident in Dallas through the Open Records Unit of the Dallas Police Department. Each police report costs $6, whether you request it by mail or in person. You also can request a copy of an accident report online through the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT). Police reports for car accidents generally do not become available until five to seven business days have passed from the date of the accident.

Getting a police report in Dallas by mail or in person

You can request a police report for a car accident in Dallas by mail or in person at 1400 S. Lamar St., Dallas, TX 75215. You will need to provide the name of at least one person involved in the accident, the location of the accident, or the date of the accident. However, it is helpful if you have the police service number for the report available.

Getting a police report in Dallas by telephone

You can call the Open Records Unit at (214) 671-3345 for more information about getting police reports. However, you cannot get information about the contents of an accident report over the phone.

Getting a police report in Dallas online

The Dallas Police Department currently does not offer a way to request police reports after a car accident online. You must get a police report for a car accident in Dallas in person or by mail from the Dallas Police Department. However, you can request an accident report from any location in the state through the TxDOT Crash Report Online Purchase System (CRIS).

The only car accident reports available are those related to accidents that occurred after 2018. Accident reports typically are not available through this system until at least 14 days after a car accident occurs. You must pay $6 for an uncertified electronic copy of a report and $8 for a certified copy. You can access this records service seven days per week, 24 hours per day.

How to get a police report for a car accident in Dallas County

You can get a police report for a car accident that occurred in Dallas County through the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department in person or by mail. If the accident occurred after June 30, 2018, you can request a copy online through (CRIS).

Police reports are available in person through the sheriff’s department on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the Fiscal Department of the Frank Crowley Courts Building, which is located at 133 North Riverfront Blvd., 1st Floor, Dallas, TX 75207-4313. If you request the report by mail, you must send a money order for $6 and a self-addressed stamped envelope to receive the report.

Who can get a police report for a car accident in Dallas?

Texas law lists the people who can get a police report for a car accident in Dallas or anywhere in the state. If you are involved in the accident, however, you or your authorized representative, such as your attorney, can legally get a copy of your accident report under state law.

You also can get an accident report if you are a parent, guardian, or employer of a person who was involved in the accident. This code section outlines some other persons or companies who can get access to car accident reports aside from those directly involved in the accident.

For example, the owner of any vehicle involved in the car accident or the owner of any property damaged in the accident can access the police report.

Media can access car accident reports

Finally, licensed media companies such as newspapers, radio stations, and television stations all can get access to police reports following accidents. Insurance companies that covered vehicles or people involved in the accident also can get these reports.

A police report can help you prove your damages

A police report is an essential piece of evidence when an attorney from D. Miller & Associates, PLLC™, begins investigating your case. It is also among the critical pieces of evidence you will need for building your case for compensation.

The responding officer’s account of the injuries, property damages, and other accident-related losses can help us prove the extent of your damages to the liable party’s insurance company and attorneys. When you know how to get a police report for a car accident in Dallas, you can easily get a copy for the investigating attorneys at our firm.

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