How Do Personal Injury Lawyers Get Their Attorneys’ Fees in Texas?

Your Texas personal injury attorney may receive the check from the insurance company or responsible party after settling your case or winning an award in court. Then, they will take out expenses and fees before sending you the funds.

Most Texas personal injury attorneys handle cases on a contingency basis, meaning their clients do not pay anything until after they reach an agreement or receive an award in court. The law firm handling the case covers all expenses during this period and represents them to the insurance company, judge, and jury.

Signing the Settlement Agreement or Getting the Award

The process begins when you sign the settlement agreement or there is a verdict in court.

The agreement paperwork goes to the insurance company, where it may take a few days to a few weeks to process. We can call and check on an estimated date of your payment if it takes an unusually long time.

Understanding What Happens After the Law Firm Has Your Check

Once the law firm has the check, it will typically pay any liens that are on the settlement or judgment, such as from medical providers.

The law firm will also take its attorney’s fees and other expenses encountered during the case.

Attorney’s Fees

You can find out the percentage of your attorney’s fees from your agreement with your lawyer you signed at the start of your case. You can expect it to be a third or a little more of your total payout. There may be clauses that allow you to receive more or less of the total amount if your case settled before filing a lawsuit, or if you had to go to court.


The expenses in your case depend heavily on the facts of the claim and how far your attorney had to go to build a strong case to fight for your compensation. Common expenses include:

  • Administrative costs including copying, postage, and similar expenses
  • Costs of the investigation, including accident reconstructions and survey teams
  • Expert witness fees, if necessary
  • Other expenses related to gathering information, such as medical record fees
  • Court costs, if necessary

Contact Us If You Have Questions about Your Payment Agreement

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