How Do You Respond to A Low Personal Injury Settlement Offer?

There are several ways to respond to a low personal injury settlement offer. You may choose to accept or reject the settlement offer or negotiate. It is common for insurance companies to see if you will accept less compensation for your claim. Please keep in mind that a lowball insurance settlement offer is often the first step in a series of negotiations. Do not respond to the insurance company until you have spoken with an injury attorney.

You Have the Right to Reject and Negotiate

There may be several offers and counter-offers before you reach an acceptable compromise with the insurance company. However, most people do not have the time or legal experience to fully protect their rights as a personal injury plaintiff. A personal injury lawyer can assess the offer and negotiate for you.

Factors to Consider When Responding to a Personal Injury Settlement Offer

It is important that you consider certain factors when responding to a low personal injury settlement offer. A personal injury lawyer can evaluate your current physical, mental, and financial well-being after you were injured. This assessment may include:

  • Your out-of-pocket expenses such as medical bills, property repairs or replacement, and other injury-related costs.
  • The severity of your injuries and complications or long-term health issues.
  • If you have a made a full recovery or are expected to soon.
  • Number of working days lost because of the injury.

Services a Personal Injury Lawyer Provides to Negotiate a Settlement

In addition to reviewing your medical bills and health prognosis, a lawyer will communicate with the insurance company to understand why they made a low offer. It is possible that the insurance adjuster does not have copies of all your medical bills. They might need more information about your injuries. Whatever reasons the insurance adjuster gives for a low settlement offer, a personal injury attorney can counter these claims.

Medical bills and pay stubs are two ways to show damages from your injury. However, you and your lawyer should also describe, in writing, your noneconomic damages because of the injury. For example, because of your injuries, you:

  • Cannot pick up your young child due to a broken bone or torn ligament.
  • Suffer anxiety attacks because of the accident.
  • Cannot work at the same job because you are temporarily or permanently disabled.

Let a Personal Injury Lawyer Advocate on Your Behalf

You should not have to deal with insurance companies after an accident. This is particularly important if you are taking medication that can temporarily cloud your judgment. A personal injury lawyer can negotiate on your behalf. D. Miller & Associates, PLLC has helped many injured people with an acceptable settlement offer. While our past success does not guarantee an outcome, we will do all we can to recover potential compensation.

No Recovery, No Fee

Sometimes people are reluctant to call a personal injury attorney to help with an insurance claim or settlement because they think it is too expensive. Our personal injury lawyers work on a contingency basis only. You do not pay attorney fees unless and until we recover compensation. This allows you to concentrate on feeling better as you recuperate from your injuries.

What to Expect if You File a Personal Injury Lawsuit

Texas law allows you two years from the date you were injured to file a personal injury lawsuit. Please keep in mind, however, that taking a case to court does not guarantee compensation. Civil trials may take months to resolve. Depending on your health, this might not be the right choice for you. You also tend to receive compensation from a settlement faster than through a verdict.

You Cannot Negotiate After You Accept a Settlement Offer

When you accept a lowball insurance settlement offer, you must realize that this is a legally binding arrangement. You cannot re-negotiate, send a new claim, or file a lawsuit. That is why you should have a personal injury lawyer review the terms and conditions before you respond to a low personal injury settlement offer. Your lawyer can answer your questions if you choose to accept or reject the offer.

We Offer Free Case Evaluations

A personal injury lawyer from D. Miller & Associates, PLLC can help you respond to a low personal injury settlement offer. Our firm accepts many types of personal injury cases, including auto accidents, truck accidents, workplace injuries, medical malpractice, and more. We will evaluate your case for free. Please call 713-850-8600 today.