How Much Should You Expect in A Commercial Uber Accident Settlement In Texas?

The amount you should expect in a commercial Uber accident settlement in Texas depends on the circumstances of the accident, who was at fault, and the severity of your injuries.

It is impossible to accurately estimate the value of your damages, as there are a wind range of contributing factors. To accurately calculate your damages, contact a vehicle accident lawyer from D. Miller & Associates, PLLC at 713-850-8600.

Here is what you need to know about your Uber accident case.

Uber’s Liability Insurance Coverage

Uber carries liability insurance to cover accidents where the Uber driver is at fault. The amount of liability insurance they cover is as follows:

Third-Party Liability Coverage

Third-party liability insurance covers damages to a third-party when the Uber driver is at fault, such another driver, pedestrian, or property. The policy covers up to $1,000,000 per accident.

Uninsured or Underinsured Motorist Bodily Injury Coverage

In the state of Texas, motorist bodily injury insurance covers you and other passengers if at-fault driver does not carry any or enough insurance to cover the damages.

The insurance also covers hit-and-run accidents if you are unable to identify the third-party driver. The policy covers $1,000,000 per accident.

Factors Involved in Determining the Value of Your Case

Although it is difficult to determine the value of your case, there are several factors your legal team will consider when calculating the damages, including:

The Extent and Severity of Your Injuries

You may suffer from neck, back, leg, or arm injuries. The extent of your injuries may progress over several days or weeks after the accident. The severity of your injuries and your long-term prognosis will determine how your case may be valued.

Current and Future Medical and Rehabilitation Costs

Medical costs may include ER visits, extended hospitalization, physical therapy, chiropractic treatment, and follow-up doctor visits. Your medical costs may also include prescription medication, including pain management.

Economic Damages

You may be out of work for several days or even weeks during recovery. If so, you may experience a loss of income. You may also lose future earning capacity and benefits due to permanent injuries. As a result, you may sustain long-term financial loss.

Noneconomic Damages

You may also suffer noneconomic damages such as disfigurement, physical impairment, mental anguish, and in cases of wrongful death, the loss of companionship or parental guidance.

Amount of Commercial Insurance Coverage Available

Your claim may not be able to exceed the coverage available from Uber’s commercial provider, regardless of the value of your case. However,

you may have other options for insurance coverage, including your own insurance.

A Commercial Uber Accident Attorney Can Help

An Uber vehicle accident attorney may be able to help you file a claim against Uber’s insurance company. With legal assistance, you may be able to negotiate a settlement that covers your damages.

An attorney can help you in the following ways:

Negotiate a Settlement

An attorney can communicate directly with the insurance to work out a settlement on your behalf.

Manage Your Case

An Uber accident attorney can handle all the necessary documents, deadlines, and legal procedures associated with your case. If necessary, an attorney can also help you file a lawsuit and guide you through litigation.

Gather Evidence of Liability and Case Value

An attorney can compile evidence such as photos, video surveillance, expert testimony, eyewitnesses, and police reports. A lawyer can also retrieve medical records to establish your injuries and financial loss.

The evidence and documentation may give an attorney a better idea of your case.

Help You Understand Your Case

To better understand what to expect in an Uber accident settlement in Texas, consult an attorney. A lawyer can answer your questions and make recommendations for moving forward with your Uber accident case.

Legal Assistance is Available for Commercial Uber Accident Settlements

If you were injured in an Uber accident in Texas, D. Miller & Associates, PLLC may be able to provide legal assistance. We can help file a claim and may be able to recover your losses.

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