My Loved One Was Injured Or Killed In A Bus Accident, Who Is Responsible?


If your loved one was injured or killed in a bus accident, who is responsible? The Houston personal injury attorneys at D. Miller & Associates, PLLC, can help you identify the liable party if your loved one suffered injuries or died as a result of a Texas bus crash. We may be able to pursue compensation for your family member or for surviving relatives. We can help you hold the party responsible for the crash liable for damages.
Identifying who is responsible for your loved one’s damages is not always an easy process. It involves understanding and applying several complex laws and legal doctrines. We can explain this process during a free case review. We can help you determine who might be responsible for your loved one’s accident, based on the details of their crash.
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What If My Loved One Was in a Public Bus Accident?

If your loved one suffered injuries because of an accident on a METRO bus in Houston and the bus driver caused the crash, we can pursue compensation from Harris County. Both the doctrine of vicarious liability and the Texas Tort Claims Act would apply here. This means:

  • The government agency is liable for any negligent acts the bus driver committed while working;
  • There may be short deadlines to notify the government agency about your injuries; and
  • The law may limit how much money we can recover.

We can help you understand how these factors could affect your compensation. It is imperative you act quickly. You may only have a few weeks to take action if a government agency was responsible for your loved one’s crash.

What About School Bus Accidents?

If your child was on a school bus at the time of the accident, the school district may be responsible. Like a public bus accident, the school district has protection under the Texas Tort Claims Act and there are limits on available damages.
Claims involving children injured at school or on a school bus are complex. You have only a short period to notify the district of your intention to file a claim. We can help, but you need to act quickly.

What If the Accident Involved a Private Coach?

If your loved one was in an accident while riding on a privately owned bus, the company that owns or operates the bus is likely responsible. Assuming the bus driver who caused the accident is an employee, the theory of vicarious liability applies here. We can usually file a third-party insurance claim against the bus operator’s corporate liability policy— or we can take the case to court.

What If Another Driver Caused the Crash?

If another motorist caused your loved one’s accident, we can pursue a claim against the at-fault driver. If several people suffered injuries, however, the driver’s coverage limits may not be high enough. To get the full compensation your loved one deserves, we may pursue claims against other responsible parties as well, such as the bus company.

What Damages Can I Recover on Behalf of My Loved One?

There are three ways we can recover compensation after a bus crash involving your loved one:

  • File a personal injury action to collect compensation for your loved one;
  • File a survival action to collect compensation for your deceased loved one’s estate; or
  • File a wrongful death action to collect compensation for the losses you incurred.

Personal Injury Actions

If your loved one survived the crash, but has injuries that prevent them from taking action on their own, we can advise you on how to begin the claims process and recover compensation on their behalf. We can often win a variety of damages in these cases, including money to pay for:

  • Medical care;
  • Ongoing and future care;
  • Lost wages and future lost income and benefits;
  • Accident-related expenses;
  • Property damage; and
  • Pain and suffering.

Survival Actions

If your loved one passed away, we can file a survival action to recover the compensation they could have claimed through a personal injury action. In this case, the money recovered goes to the deceased’s estate. Then, the executor of their will or administrator of the estate distributes the settlement among beneficiaries.

Wrongful Death Actions

If you lost an immediate family member in a bus accident, you likely incurred some losses, as well. Texas law allows some family members to file a wrongful death claim and collect compensation. Eligible parties include:

  • Legally married spouses;
  • Children; and
  • Parents.

If you fall into one of these categories, we can help you file a wrongful death action and collect compensation for you and other eligible beneficiaries. This could include compensation for funeral costs and other out-of-pocket expenses.

How Can I Talk to a Texas Bus Accident Attorney Today?

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