Commercial Truck Accident Lawyer Serving Garland

Commercial Truck Accident Lawyer Serving Garland 


Filing an injury claim with the insurance company of the negligent party in your collision can be a challenging task. There could be more than one insurance policy involved; for example, the insurance of the trucking company and the cargo-loading company. You do not have to go through this process alone. You could work with a truck accident lawyer whose services can benefit you in many ways. 


A commercial truck accident lawyer serving Garland from D. Miller & Associates, PLLC® can make sense of the insurance disputes and negotiate to achieve a fair settlement of your injury claim. If appropriate, we can file a lawsuit to protect your right to receive financial recovery for your injuries and other losses.  


Factors That Can Impact Your Settlement 


Commercial truck accidents can cause debilitating injuries that change the course of a person’s life permanently. The amount of your financial recovery will depend on multiple factors, like the severity of your injuries and long-term impairment from your wounds. Every case is different, and your unique facts will determine the amount of your settlement. 


Our commercial truck accident attorneys can talk to you about these and additional matters, like your total lost wages and other economic losses that will be considered in your settlement. Please be aware that there is no standard settlement amount for a specific type of injury because people with identical injuries can heal differently. 


What a Commercial Truck Accident Lawyer Serving Garland, TX Can Do for Your Injury Case 


You do not have to handle your truck accident injury claim or lawsuit by yourself like a DIY project. Instead, you could devote your time and energy to healing as much as possible from your wounds while we take care of your legal matters for you. 


Here are a few examples of the many services we provide for clients who get injured in commercial truck accidents that were not their fault:  


  • We talk to you and explain the process of injury claims and litigation. 


  • We take the time to listen to you and answer your questions.
  • We investigate the accident to determine the causation and liability issues.
  • We gather evidence like police reports, employment records, and medical records. Also, we can talk to witnesses, review footage from security cameras, and work with expert witnesses like accident reconstruction experts, if appropriate.
  • We work directly with the insurance company, providing the information they need to evaluate your claim. This leaves you free from getting bothered and gives you the peace and quiet you need to focus on your health and well-being.
  • We negotiate with the insurance company to resolve your injury claim in a fair and amicable manner.
  • If the case does not settle and it is appropriate to do so, we can file a lawsuit to protect your right to receive financial recovery for your injuries and losses.
  • We perform the pre-trial work and handle the trial of your injury case. 


Of course, every truck accident injury case requires numerous other steps on our part. This list is merely a brief overview of the tasks we perform for our clients.  


Client Reviews in Their Own Words 


We are grateful for the kind words our clients say about the service they received at our office. Here is one such example: 


“Great experience and good customer service from the D. Miller & Associates, PLLC team. They answered every single question I had about my car accident. I am happy with my settlement and I would recommend D. Miller & Associates, PLLC to everyone.” LMM

Very attentive and helpful law firm. Quick to answer your questions and explain tough legal language and made a negative time of my life have a positive outcome and brighter future.” D.L.

You can check out many more testimonials on our website. 


The Filing Deadline for Your Garland Commercial Truck Accident Injury Case 


You cannot wait indefinitely to take legal action against the party whose negligence caused the accident that injured you. Under Texas law, the statute of limitations for a personal injury lawsuit is two years. The statute of limitations for a wrongful death case is also two years, under Texas law. 


A statute of limitations is a law setting a filing deadline for a lawsuit. When the time limit expires, the law will not allow you to file your case in court. The at-fault party could get away without having to pay a single dollar to you, no matter how badly you got hurt.  


Even if your case seems on the brink of reaching a settlement, the insurance company could cut all contact with you. Then, when the filing deadline passes, you will lose your right to securing a financial recovery.  


Recoverable Damages in Garland Commercial Vehicle Accident Injury Claims 


If the commercial truck collision in which you got hurt was someone else’s fault, we could help you hold them financially accountable for the losses you suffered. The damages in every case are unique. The amount of your claim will depend on the facts of your situation.  


A typical injury claim after a commercial truck accident in the Garland, Texas area could include categories like these: 


  • Medical expenses for the treatment of the injured person’s wounds. This category could include the cost of the ambulance, emergency room, hospital, doctors, physical therapy, prescription drugs, and other healthcare services.
  • Future medical expenses if the injured person needs ongoing medical care for their injuries.
  • Lost wages for paychecks the individual did not receive when they could not work because of their wounds. This category can include wages, salary, self-employment income, and other forms of regular income the person usually receives.   


  • Pain and suffering losses refer to the emotional distress, physical discomfort, and inconvenience of getting injured due to someone else’s carelessness.  


If your close relative did not survive the truck accident, we might be able to pursue additional financial recovery for the family.  


Getting Started on Your Truck Accident Injury Case in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex 


A commercial truck accident attorney serving Garland, TX can provide the attentive, compassionate legal services you need in your injury case. D. Miller & Associates, PLLC® makes accessibility for clients a high priority. It is easy to get started; either fill out our online contact form on our site or give us a call. Your free case evaluation with a team member awaits you.