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Testosterone Replacement Lawsuit

Products marketed to improve lower testosterone levels may cause heart attacks and strokes.

Manufacturers of these testosterone replacement products aggressively market directly to the consumer. You probably have seen the TV ads enticing men with the promise of a magic cream or gel that can increase their virility, sexual prowess and make them more attractive to women. What those ads don’t focus on is that those same seductive products may increase your risk for cardiac events such as heart attack or stroke.

Topical testosterone treatments have grown into a billion dollar industry with doctors writing over 5 million prescriptions yearly. Almost 3% of American men aged 40+ are using these products. Many more men (and their partners) will discuss adding testosterone treatment with their doctor due to the many print ads, websites, and TV commercials promoting how easy the supplements are to use as well as the obvious benefits of the increased testosterone. Unfortunately, this could mean that thousands of men may be unnecessarily exposed to an increased risk of heart injury because they were marketed a product to treat a condition, Low T caused by aging, that the FDA doesn’t even recognize. Instead, the manufacturers have targeted the consumer directly promoting an off-label use for their products.

The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) reported a link between testosterone replacement products and increased risk of serious cardiac events.

Testosterone Claims Being Filed Now

Over a thousand men have already filed claims in court alleging that by using a testosterone cream or gel they suffered from a heart attack or stroke. The first consolidated lawsuit is expected to begin in 2016.

Aggressive marketing tactics by the makers of a product to treat a non recognized condition by the FDA has harmed hundreds of otherwise healthy American men!

A study of over 8,700 military veterans that used testosterone supplements by the University of Colorado concluded that the men were 30% more likely to experience a life threatening side effect than men who did not use the hormones.

This study indicated that there are serious concerns for men that are considering the use of testosterone cream or gels without a diagnosis of hypogonadism. You are encouraged to have an open discussion with your doctor to determine whether the risks are offset by any benefits. If you have already been prescribed one of these products, do not stop unless directed to do so by your doctor.

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