Catastrophic Injury Lawyer Serving Austin

Catastrophic injuries are exactly what they sound like: catastrophic. If you or a loved one suffered a life-altering injury due to another party’s negligence, you could find yourself facing expensive medical bills, long periods of missed work, and other hardships. 

An catastrophic injury lawyer serving Austin from D. Miller & Associates, PLLC™ can pursue the financial recovery you need. While you focus on adapting to your new quality of life (or caring for an injured loved one), we’ll manage your injury case and everything it entails. 

We Advocate for People Following These Incidents

Traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord trauma, and the loss of a limb all constitute catastrophic injuries. These conditions may arise from: 

  • Traffic accidents
  • Slips and falls
  • Dog bites
  • Medical malpractice
  • Dangerous or defective drugs 
  • Malfunctioning products 
  • Swimming pool accidents
  • On-the-job accidents

Even if you don’t see the specific cause of your injury listed above, we’re still ready to serve you. Our personal injury lawyers serving Austin will do everything possible to secure what you need from the liable party. 

What You Can Expect from Our Personal Injury Firm

At D. Miller & Associates, PLLC, we want all Austin accident victims to get the financial recovery they need. Our catastrophic injury lawyers are ready to support you by: 

Fighting for Financial Recovery

There may be multiple ways to pursue recovery in your case, but we’ll generally start by filing an insurance claim. Many of our cases are resolved through insurance claims. 

We will manage all dealings with the insurance company, including: 

  • Scheduling a time to talk in person or over the telephone with a representative 
  • Negotiating for the recovery you need 
  • Evaluating the liable insurance policy
  • Sending your demand letter
  • Combating bad faith insurance practices 

Investigating the Accident

Whether you were injured in a collision, fall, or any other event, we need to know:

  • The exact sequence of events from start to finish
  • Who else was at the accident scene with you, including potential eyewitnesses
  • What types of injuries you sustained, how serious each one is, and what kinds of medical treatment you sought

Police reports, medical records, and surveillance footage can give us the information we need to build a strong case.

Supporting You Throughout the Claims Process

We understand how physically and psychologically draining it is to cope with catastrophic injuries. Our team makes it a point to treat clients with the utmost respect and care at all times. We do this by: 

  • Hosting Facebook livestreams, so you have the chance to ask us questions without coming to our office 
  • Explaining your rights and obligations, so you can make informed decisions 
  • Offering a free evaluation where you can explore your options at no obligation 

Seeking Recovery for a Catastrophic Injury in Austin, TX

Under Texas law, you may file a lawsuit within two years of your injury or, in wrongful death cases, within two years of your loved one’s passing. By starting your case as soon as possible, you protect your right to pursue both economic and non-economic damages.

Economic Damages

If your injury left you with any sort of financial burden, you could seek economic damages. This would reimburse you for:

  • Medical bills: This includes direct treatments (e.g., surgery) and any procedure designed to improve your quality of life (e.g., assistive devices).
  • Property damage costs: For instance, if you were injured in a car accident, you could receive recovery for the damage done to your car.
  • Miscellaneous expenses: If your injuries prevent you from, for example, taking care of your children or mowing the lawn, the cost of hiring help is compensable. 
  • Lost earning capacity: Your injuries may prevent you from making as much as you did before suffering harm. We can include this hardship as part of your settlement. 

Non-Economic Damages

Your catastrophic injury has undoubtedly affected your quality of life. Non-economic damages account for those challenges. Examples of these losses include: 

  • Pain and suffering: A catastrophic injury can cause immense physical and emotional challenges. Pain and suffering is one non-economic loss that acknowledges the struggles you’re going through. 
  • Disability: The total or partial loss of any physical or intellectual ability may be grounds to seek recovery for a disability.
  • Lost quality of life: Painful and disabling injuries can force you to make major alterations to your life or even rely on others for support. You can recover financial recovery for this hardship through a claim or lawsuit. 
  • Loss of consortium: Serious injuries can affect the way you interact with loved ones. Some relationships may not survive the changes wrought by such injuries. 

Our team will evaluate your situation and identify each of your recoverable losses. With us on your side, you can trust that we’ll fight for everything you need to account for your damages. 

We Support Wrongful Death Claimants in Travis County

If your loved one passed away, please accept our condolences. We know this is a terrible time for you and your family, and we want to do what we can to help.

When someone passes away before they can seek recovery, their loved ones may have a right to seek legal action. D. Miller & Associates, PLLCrepresents wrongful death clients throughout Texas. We can help you with your case by:

  • Fighting for recovery based on your loved one’s situation 
  • Pursuing what you need to pay for your loved one’s medical bills and other injury-related expenses 
  • Giving you the time and privacy you deserve to mourn your loss and figure out where to go from here

No matter what type of accident your loved one was in, we want to help. Both wrongful death and personal injury claimants can receive a free evaluation from our firm when they reach out to us. 

We Can Manage Your Catastrophic Injury Case

D.Miller & Associates, PLLC offers help from our catastrophic injury lawyers serving Austin, Texas. First, we’ll evaluate your situation to determine your legal needs. Then, we’ll fight for the financial recovery you need to adjust to a “new normal.” 

To explore your options, call us now.