Commercial truck crashes often occur as a result of either equipment malfunction or driver negligence. If you suffered an injury or property damage—or you lost a loved one—due to a crash, an 18 wheeler and semi truck accident lawyer in Cypress, TX, can help you pursue recovery for your medical expenses and lost wages.

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Who Is at Fault in for Your 18 Wheeler Accident

After any personal injury accident occurs, we must first establish who was at fault. We will look through police reports and obtain testimony from key witnesses to determine who caused your wreck. Sometimes, more than one party is at fault for a crash.

If The Truck Driver Caused the Wreck

If the truck driver was distracted, used poor judgment, drove under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or committed another negligent error, they are at-fault for your wreck. However, in cases like this, we also seek damages from the employer in addition to the driver. Instead, we can hold their employer responsible for the negligence of the employee.

The Truck Carrier

The truck company might have directly caused your accident. If the business failed to provide proper maintenance or equipment for the truck, did not properly train the driver, or otherwise failed in its duties, we can file a claim against the company’s liability insurance policy.

The Truck Manufacturer

Sometimes, manufacturing defects cause severe semi truck accidents. If the truck in your case had a defective part, we might be able to hold the manufacturer liable for the crash and your damages.

A Third-Party Negligent Driver

If another motorist drove recklessly and caused the truck to collide with your car, we can help you hold the motorist responsible for the wreck.

Why You Should Hire a Semi Truck Accident Lawyer

If you try to pursue compensation for your injuries or property damage without legal representation, you might have a difficult time proving your case. You could spend a considerable amount of time and money trying to fight for your rights, which can be overwhelming for any family or individual. Handling this process while you are trying to recover from serious injuries can add additional strain to your daily life.

Our lawyers can help guide you through the legal process. We can engage directly with the defendant and their insurance company, so you do not have to. We know the challenges of winning a case, and we will work to strengthen your legal position.

The Claims Process for Trucking Accidents Can Be Complex

The process after a commercial truck crash can be daunting for victims. Since we usually seek compensation from the trucking company, not from an individual driver, we generally have to deal with a corporate insurer and a team of attorneys to resolve the case. Our attorneys can deal with these representatives for you.

The Compensation We Can Help Your Pursue After a Commercial Truck Accident

A wreck with a semi truck often results in severe injuries, fatalities, and total property damage. We can help you with:

  • Emergency medical care, including an ER visit, surgery, and intensive care;
  • Extended medical care, such as physical therapy, bed rest, and medication;
  • Disability, if the crash caused permanent injuries and you are now facing additional treatment expenses and home modifications;
  • Lost wages to pay for the money you have missed in wages and benefits;
  • Property damage, which compensates you for any necessary vehicle repairs or a vehicle replacement;
  • Pain and suffering damages, which offer compensation for any ongoing discomfort you experienced because of the crash; and
  • Any other related expenses or losses.

Our law firm can guide you through the claims process, represent your best interests, and try to negotiate with the insurer for a settlement. If the trucking company’s lawyers try to deny your payment, we can help you file a lawsuit in court.

Obtaining the Testimony Necessary to Prove Your Claim

One of the key components to proving your claim is acquiring testimony from eyewitness and specialists in related fields. If needed, we can obtain testimony from the following parties.

Medical Specialists

A medical professional can forecast how much you will have to pay for ongoing medical expenses over an extended period. This testimony is valuable in determining the amount of compensation you will require.


Eyewitnesses who were present at the accident can help us establish facts about your case and prove who was at fault for your truck crash. Key witnesses could include emergency medical teams, law enforcement personnel, or bystanders who saw the wreck happen.

Financial or Vocational Advisors

We can talk to a financial advisor to discuss how the accident is going to affect your economic situation. A vocational advisor can testify about the long-term impact your injuries are likely to have on the trajectory of your career.

The Texas Statute of Limitations for Truck Accident Lawsuits

In Texas, the statute of limitations gives you two years to file a truck crash lawsuit. We recommend that you take action before this deadline passes, even if you do not plan to file suit in court. Many insurers are less likely to agree to a settlement if you no longer have the option of suing for damages.

In some cases, your injuries might not appear until after the statute of limitations has elapsed. In such cases, you might still have legal options available. Contact us as soon as possible so we can help.

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