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If you or someone you love were the victim of sexual abuse, you are entitled to two forms of justice: criminal and civil. At D. Miller & Associates, PLLC®, our Dallas sexual abuse lawyer will help pursue civil justice on your behalf. We will identify all possible civil defendants in your case and appropriately assign financial liability. With our guidance and support, you can recover monetary damages from the perpetrator and additional negligent parties.

You do not have to hold the liable parties accountable on your own. Our client-centered team will evaluate your case at no cost or obligation to you. We will identify the perpetrator and every avenue of financial recovery. Whether your case is resolved with a financial settlement or at trial, our legal team will never leave your side. 

Our Law Firm Will Pursue Monetary Damages on Your Behalf

When we take charge of your case, our goal is to be an advocate for you. We will investigate your case and consult relevant experts on your behalf. Our goal is to ensure your case is accurately valued and to negotiate a favorable settlement. Our sexual abuse victim attorney will explain the economic and non-economic damages you are entitled to recover. 

Recoverable Economic Damages

Economic damages after a sexual assault can result in a range of financial recovery. Our legal team will help you pursue them from the at-fault party. Since financial liability can fall to more than one party, we make sure each is identified.

Economic damages we recover on your behalf can include:

  • Medical expenses for any physical injuries you sustained 
  • Loss of income due to your injuries and recovery
  • Mental health care therapy and counseling

You could have additional recoverable damages. We will carefully explore your specific financial recovery options without taxing you or having you recall unpleasant memories. Our goal is to protect you from unpleasant recollections while fighting for the best possible result for you.

Recoverable Non-Economic Damages

Economic damages are tangible and easy to assess and document. Non-economic damages can be more difficult to prove. Our legal team knows how to establish the validity of these types of expenses. They can include ongoing physical, mental, and emotional pain and suffering.

Monetary recovery can ensure you are able to focus on your physical, mental, and emotional health after surviving sexual abuse. We will assess every aspect of your case and ensure nothing is overlooked or omitted. 

We Protect Your Right to Recoverable Damages per State Law

In Dallas, your civil lawsuit is subjected to the state’s filing deadline. When we assess your case and examine your evidence, we will determine the applicable deadline. Called the statute of limitations, it determines how much time you have to file your lawsuit.

Civil lawsuits are a rarity as most are resolved with an out-of-court settlement. If settlement negotiations are prolonged or an acceptable agreement cannot be reached, we will ensure your lawsuit is filed on time.

Our Civil Law Firm Will Support Your All-Around Recovery

You are entitled to civil compensation in the aftermath of sexual abuse. Liability for your monetary damages can fall to more than one party. We will pursue financial recovery from the perpetrator. We may also pursue the following parties if their liability can be proven:

  • Teachers and school officials
  • Employers and supervisors
  • Business and property owners

Potentially liable parties will vary on a case-by-case basis. For this and other reasons, we make sure your case gets the personalized attention to detail it deserves. You are entitled to financial recovery, and we will stop at nothing to obtain it for you. 

You Are Entitled to Your Civil Case

Your fight for civil damages is not reliant on the perpetrator’s criminal record or on their being convicted in your case. It is not even limited to the perpetrator alone. We build a strong case for you based on the evidence we collect.

Our legal team will explore all financial recovery options including avenues for liability. While we build your civil case, we will protect your anonymity and ensure all legal parameters are covered on your behalf.

Leave the Details of Your Case to Our Sexual Abuse Lawyer Serving Dallas

There are many benefits to letting our law firm handle your case. Our sexual abuse lawyer serving Dallas is on your side. We will deal with the details of your case so you can focus on your physical and emotional recovery. 

At D. Miller & Associates, PLLC®, we will:

  • Respect your name and confidentiality
  • Clarify your legal and financial options 
  • Handle communication and evidence 

We understand how sensitive evidence collection can be in sexual abuse cases. We will handle it for you and collect your medical and police reports. Your evidence file will also contain photos and other relevant documents.

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D.Miller & Associates, PLLC® was founded in 2002. We have a history of fighting passionately for the clients we represent. When they leave testimonials for our law firm, they say the following:

  • “Very hardworking people. Helped me when I could find no one…They are very in-depth, professional, flawless responsibility to each client. Superior character. Making one feel at ease and comfortable throughout the entire ordeal. What an exceptional experience. A genuine concern and care for their clients.” – Sherry Creech
  • “The staff here are genuinely concerned about what is going on in our lives. They have walked me through every step, and I sincerely appreciate their helpfulness.” – Shelley Flynt Bradley

Our client-focused team works hard to create an outstanding experience for every client we represent. Find more recommendations and referrals on our testimonials page

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