Laredo Truck Accident Lawyer

Up until now, you’ve passed large trucks on the road and thought nothing of them. Yet, after your collision, you may think of nothing else. 

You shouldn’t have to struggle with the financial aftermath of a truck accident alone–and with our team’s help, you don’t have to. D. Miller & Associates, PLLC advocates for injured people like you in Webb County. From your medical bills to pain and suffering, we’re eager to pursue what you need. We offer free case evaluations where you can explore partnering with our truck accident lawyers serving Laredo today. 

We Will Pursue Each of Your Injury-Related Losses

Our team will evaluate your situation and identify your recoverable losses. We will take into account your condition’s severity, collision’s cause, and financial situation when learning what you need. 

You can generally seek: 

  • Economic damages. These are the financial costs stemming from your collision. These include medical treatments, funeral and burial services, property damage repairs, and lost wages. 
  • Non-economic damages. These losses pay for the hardships you or your loved one endured due to the accident. Some examples include pain and suffering, emotional trauma, disabilities, and loss of consortium. 

Sometimes, injured claimants can recover punitive damages. These are available in cases where the at-fault party acted with egregious negligence. Our team will evaluate everything you’re owed and pursue them from the liable party.  

You Have Financial Recovery Options After a Truck Accident in Laredo

After listening to your story and gathering evidence, we may start your case by sending a demand letter to the liable insurer. This letter outlines the details of your collision and the amount you’re requesting. We resolve many cases through this route. However, not every insurance company acts in good faith. 

Since 2002, we’ve dealt with our fair share of uncooperative insurers–and we know how to handle them. Using our investigative resources and negotiating experience, we’ll push the insurer to fairly resolve your case. If it still refuses to settle, you can file a civil lawsuit. 

What to Know About Taking a Truck Accident Case to Webb County Court

Taking a civil case to court is very different than how it’s portrayed in the media. Here’s what you should know: 

  • We must file your case in accordance with Texas law. You generally have two years to file your lawsuit, and your deadline begins “ticking” from the date of your accident. This deadline is non-negotiable; if you miss the deadline, you could lose the right to seek damages. 
  • Your lawsuit requires supporting evidence, such as the police report, eyewitness testimony, and accident reconstruction data. Both the plaintiff and the defendant’s legal team work with the same information to build their arguments. 
  • Sometimes after filing a lawsuit, the other party agrees to a settlement. In some cases, filing a lawsuit is the only way to show the insurer that you’re serious about recovering damages. 

You’ll never feel in the dark about your legal options with our team advocating for you. Our truck accident team serving Laredo is committing to helping you achieve financial recovery. 

What You Can Expect from Your Injury Lawyer

With our team on your side, you can expect: 

  • Frequent case updates. You’ll always be “in the loop” with our team advocating for you. We’ll send you updates via phone call or email–whichever method you prefer. You can also reach us at any time with case-related questions and concerns. 
  • Full communication management. You don’t have to answer a single phone call from the insurer. Instead, you can hit “decline.” We manage all communications with your case’s involved parties, from insurance adjusters to eyewitnesses. 
  • Protection from bad faith insurance practices. It’s no secret to many people that insurance companies are concerned with one thing: their profits. This may compel the insurer to offer less than you’re owed. With our team’s help, we will push for a fair settlement and prevent you from intimidation tactics. 
  • Access to our investigative resources. We have a network of healthcare providers, accident reconstruction specialists, and other consultants who can help build your case. 

Recommendations After Your Truck Accident in Laredo, Texas

In the aftermath of your collision, you may wonder: “What now?” To promote your case’s outcome, we suggest: 

  • Keeping track of your losses. Keep all medical bills, property damage invoices, and other documentation as they become available. This will help your lawyer assert the cost of your damages and pursue what you need. 
  • Seeking medical attention. Don’t put off medical care because of concerns about cost. Your financial recovery can account for your necessary healthcare expenses. We want you to reach maximum medical improvement. 
  • Leaving communications to your representative. The insurance company may ask for a recorded statement, where it’ll ask “loaded” questions about your experience. Any information you share could discredit your version of events and put your case in jeopardy. 
  • Considering your legal options. Trucking companies have vast resources when it comes to disputing claims. You don’t want to go toe-to-toe with a massive corporation alone while recovering from your condition. Instead, your truck accident lawyer serving Laredo can manage those dealings. 
  • Limiting your social media use. Even posting an old picture of yourself could discredit your condition’s severity. While you can still browse your feed, you should avoid actively posting content. 

These are just some measures that could benefit your situation. For more case-specific information, reach out to our legal team. Your free case evaluation is your opportunity to learn about your legal options.

Consult With Our Truck Accident Attorneys Today

D. Miller & Associates, PLLC is ready to pursue the damages you and your family need. Our team can evaluate your situation and implement a customized strategy on your behalf. To explore your options at no cost or obligation, connect with our team today. We’re ready to answer your questions, address your anxieties, and give you peace of mind.