What Should I Do if the Trucking Company Contacts Me After My Accident?

If a trucking company contacts you after your accident, refuse to speak with them. The only reasons they would reach out to you directly is to do the following:

  • Fish for information to use against you in an insurance claim or lawsuit
  • Offer you a hasty, low-ball settlement

Instead, file an insurance claim and wait until the trucking company’s insurance provider contacts you or your attorney. 

Be Wary When Speaking to the Trucking Company’s Insurance Agent

You should never provide information directly to a trucking company. However, once you file a claim, you will have to communicate with the company’s insurance agent. 

When an insurance adjuster reaches out, remember who they work for. Their job is not to help you get a fair settlement. Rather, their job is to gather evidence to either:

  • Help their employer (the insurance company) and client (the trucking company) settle for as little as possible
  • Deny your claim outright

Do Not Go Into Detail About Your Accident or Injuries

The insurance company could use any details you provide about your accident or injuries against you in the future. You do not want to make a statement now that the adjuster could misinterpret or twist to look like an inconsistency down the line. 

Furthermore, you do not want to discuss your injuries until you see a doctor and understand the full extent of your injuries and the potential cost of your treatment. Do not:

  • Give facts about your accident
  • Speculate about who or what caused your accident
  • Accept fault for your accident
  • Provide information about potential witnesses
  • Describe your injuries or treatment (you can simply say you suffered an injury and plan to seek treatment)
  • Discuss your employment, work schedule, or wages
  • Allow the insurance adjuster to record your conversation 

You should:

  • Provide the insurance adjuster with basic information, such as your name, contact information, and the date, time, and place of your accident.
  • Get the insurance adjuster’s name and contact information.
  • Take detailed notes about your conversation.
  • Remain calm, polite, and respectful.
  • Tell the adjuster that future contact should go through your lawyer.

Do Not Accept the First Settlement Offer the Adjuster Puts Forward

Insurance companies know you are probably looking at major medical expenses and time off work. They may try to take advantage of your financial stress and convince you that accepting a quick settlement is in your best interest. It is not. According to Healthcare.gov, people often underestimate the cost of medical care. Even one night in the hospital can be as much as $10,000. 

Before accepting a settlement, you must understand:

  • The severity of your injuries
  • The estimated cost of your current and future medical needs
  • The impact your injuries have on your quality of life
  • How your injuries affect your ability to work 
  • The value of your personal property damages

Your lawyer can respond to low personal injury settlements for you. We know what a fair offer looks like for your specific damages.

You Can Recover Economic and Non-Economic Losses

In general, a truck accident insurance settlement includes your economic and non-economic losses. Economic losses are your past and future, out-of-pocket, accident-related expenses, including:

  • Doctor bills
  • Hospitalizations
  • Medical procedures
  • Rehabilitation
  • Long-term care services
  • Medications and medical equipment
  • Vehicle repairs or replacement
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of future earning capacity if you cannot return to work
  • Household services

Non-economic damages award accident victims for their accident’s physical, mental, and emotional impact. These losses include:

  • Physical pain
  • Loss of mobility or paralysis
  • Scarring and disfigurement
  • Loss of ability to participate in activities and hobbies you used to enjoy
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Mental anguish

Wrongful Death

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), more than 4,000 people suffered fatal injuries in large truck accidents in 2019. Passenger vehicle occupants accounted for nearly 70 percent of these deaths. If your loved one lost their life because of a truck accident injury, you could seek financial recovery on their behalf. 

This may include:

  • The cost of their medical treatment
  • The cost of their funeral and burial
  • Awards for the loss of their love, companionship, and support
  • Awards for their conscious pain and suffering

Some states allow surviving family members to seek awards for the pain and suffering caused by their loved one’s passing. 

Let Our Attorneys Handle Your Insurance Claim or Lawsuit

Trucking accident claims can be complex. You will need to prove your injuries and losses stemmed from negligence on the part of any of the following parties to achieve a fair settlement:

  • Truck driver
  • The trucking company
  • Another involved party

A personal injury lawyer with D. Miller & Associates, PLLC® can help. Our team will focus on your case to focus on your recovery. We will:

  • File your claim or lawsuit
  • Gather evidence
  • Locate witnesses
  • Communicate with the insurance company, so you do not have to
  • Negotiate for the most advantageous settlement possible
  • Take your case to trial if needed

D. Miller & Associates, PLLC® is Ready to Take on Your Truck Accident Case

To learn more about how we can fight for the settlement or verdict you deserve, contact our offices at 1 (855) PRO-LAWYERS for a free consultation. Our team is committed to our clients, as our testimonials display. 

D. Miller & Associates, PLLC® is waiting to hear how you were injured by another party’s negligent act. We can answer your questions and evaluate your losses. Our goal is to settle your case or secure a fair judgment for your losses. After retaining our representation, you can direct the trucking companies to us when they contact you.