Victoria Truck Accident Lawyer

Were you or someone you love involved in a collision with a large truck? Colliding with a truck while driving a passenger vehicle can cause grievous injuries, monumental expenses, and extensive psychological trauma.

At D. Miller & Associates, PLLC™, our Victoria truck accident lawyers can help you identify the appropriate party to pursue for financial recovery. Our personal injury law firm will help you gather supporting evidence and build a compelling case file. We will also negotiate with the at-fault party or their insurer on your behalf.

Trust Your Truck Accident Case to Our Client-Focused Law Firm

Fighting for monetary recovery after a truck accident means dealing with a plethora of paperwork. It will include insurance claims forms, evidence collection, and police and medical records. Our team will compile these documents for you.

To strengthen and support your case, we will also:

  • Carefully evaluate and document your injuries and damages
  • Identify the at-fault party and handle all ongoing communications
  • Obtain available dashcam, smartphone, and surveillance footage
  • Locate and interview all available truck accident witnesses

We will also manage the negotiation process by fielding offers, presenting them to you, and helping you reach a well-informed decision. If necessary, we will also take your case to trial.

We Can Identify the At-Fault Party in Your Truck Accident

Liability for the accident could belong to the driver if they drove while intoxicated, committed traffic violations, or otherwise compromised your safety. This can include distracted driving, reckless driving, and speeding. We will use your truck accident report to prove the driver’s actions were the cause of the accident.

Other potentially responsible parties include the trucker’s employer. The trucker’s employer could have encouraged them to exceed their allowable hours of service. We will also check to see if the truck was properly maintained and if the driver was duly licensed and properly trained. The truck’s maker could also be responsible if a flaw or defect caused the collision.

See What Previous Clients Say About Their Experience With Us

Our truck accident team is passionate about helping injured clients seek and obtain financial recovery. We also know injured clients need support throughout the recovery process. Previous clients say:

  • Derick Costa: D Miller & Associates has been extremely helpful… and… have gone above and beyond… I was hit by a semi fuel truck and life has been pretty challenging since the accident. I reached out to D Miller & Associates and acquired their services, after they helped me transition my case.
  • Maria Moreno: I called D. Miller after an 18-wheeler hit me… Andy was very nice, too. He told me not to worry, he would handle everything, and he did. I am so glad I called them. They were great, and I definitely would recommend them!!!

We work hard for every client we represent. You can trust that we’ll manage your truck accident case with the tact and compassion it deserves.

Damages Recoverable in Truck Accident Cases in Victoria, Texas

Our truck accident lawyers have one goal: to pursue financial recovery for each of your injury-related hardships. We will use your employment records, medical bills, and other documentation to establish what you deserve for:

  • Medical expenses, including emergency and ongoing care, required medications, assistive medical devices, and in-home medical support
  • Loss of income, including full and part-time employment, freelance and consultancy fees, and loss of earning capacity
  • Physical, mental, and emotional pain and suffering, including the recovery of mental health care, counseling, and therapy
  • Property damage expenses, including restoring your car to its pre-accident condition, replacement costs, and diminished value

At D. Miller & Associates, PLLC™, our familiarity with state and local law means we understand the factors that go into determining what you need. We also know how to ensure your case is accurately valued and filed on time.

We Will Help Your Family Recover Wrongful Death Damages

If you lost a loved one to a truck accident in Victoria, you’re not alone. According to the most recent information from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), there were 5,005 fatal truck accidents in the U.S. in 2019.

When these tragedies happen, you have legal recourse for seeking the cost of your wrongful death-related expenses. In addition to investigating the details of your loved one’s passing, evaluating your losses, and managing the claims process, we will seek:

  • Funeral and burial expenses
  • Loss of financial contributions
  • Loss of consortium and society
  • Loss of companionship and guidance

We extend our condolences to your family and will do everything possible to resolve your case. We want to be part of your family’s support network during this challenging time.

You Must Abide by the Statutory Deadline To Pursue Damages

Like many people, you might know there is a statute of limitations on all potential civil lawsuits. You might not know the specific statute that governs your particular personal injury case, though. Texas law notes that you generally have two years to file your lawsuit.

If you or someone you love was injured in the accident, the statutory clock starts running on the date of the accident. If a loved one was fatally injured, the clock starts running on the date of their passing.

The statute of limitations can be complicated, however, because many factors can change it. For instance, if you suffered harm in a hit-and-run accident, this could pause the statutory deadline.

When our truck accident team handles your case, we will interpret and explain the filing deadline. With enough notice, we can also ensure compliance and remove the risks of filing your case too late.

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