A slip and fall lawyer serving Austin can seek recovery for your injuries and damages if you qualify. An insurance company or the court will consider if the property owner should have known about a hazard—and failed to repair or remove it.

Slip and fall accidents are often challenging to prove. To find out if you are entitled to financial recovery for medical bills and other damages, you can get a free consultation from D. Miller & Associates, PLLC™.

How You Might Qualify for Recovery in a Slip and Fall Accident

The first thing you should do after a slip and fall accident is to get help. If you cannot stand up, call out for help. Do not try to stand up if you feel pain or discomfort as standing may increase the risk of injury. If you are in a store, report the accident to a store employee and fill out an incident report. Call 911 if you are bleeding heavily, struck your head, or your injuries are severe and you need to go to the hospital.

Once you are feeling well enough, you may want to get help from a slip and fall lawyer serving Austin. You may be entitled to financial recovery depending on the circumstances of your accident.

Proving Liability in a Slip and Fall Accident in Austin

As slip and fall lawyers serving Austin, we’ve seen defendants (typically the property owners) try and claim they should not be held responsible for injuries resulting from a slip and fall accident that occurred on their property. In some cases, they try to deny responsibility by saying that the person who fell was also at fault and contributed to their own injuries.

For example, they may claim that the plaintiff was intoxicated and did not see a caution or warning sign on the property and had a slip and fall accident.

Even if the defendant claims you were partly responsible, you may still qualify for a recovery if:

  • The hazardous condition existed long enough for a reasonable property owner to remove or repair it
  • The property owner cannot prove they routinely check the property for potential hazards, such as keeping a safety record or maintenance log
  • The risk for injury could have been reduced by proper warning signs or restricting access to the dangerous area

After a slip and fall accident, you might be entitled to a recovery by making an insurance claim or filing a personal injury lawsuit.

Under Texas statute, you generally have two years from the date you were injured to file a personal injury lawsuit. A slip and fall lawyer from D. Miller & Associates, PLLC™ can help you navigate your legal options. We offer free case evaluations with our qualified case intake specialists.

The Importance of the Two-Year Filing Deadline

Failure to file your potential lawsuit within the allotted time can be costly. We understand that it can be easy to overlook the statute of limitations. This can happen if you:

  • Are unaware of the filing deadline
  • Miscalculate the filing deadline
  • Allow negotiations to overlap with the filing deadline

The at-fault party’s insurance company will pay close attention to the filing deadline — and so will we. With sufficient notice of your fall and intent to seek damages, we will ensure the statute of limitations is accurately interpreted and complied with.

The Types of Financial Recovery You Could Obtain

Slip and fall accidents are personal injury cases where the victim makes a claim to the defendant’s insurance company to recover damages for the injuries that result from the accident.

In general, slip and fall accident damages include:

  • Medical bills such as ambulance, surgery, prescriptions, medical equipment (such as crutches), and other related expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Reduced earning income, if you cannot return to your job right away or at all
  • Disability
  • Disfigurement
  • Loss of consortium
  • Property damage
  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish

Some slip and fall accidents result in a loss of life. If you have lost a family member in this way, please call D. Miller & Associates, PLLC™. We may be able to pursue your financial recovery in a wrongful death insurance claim or lawsuit.

Actions Our Texas Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer Will Take

When we represent you, we work hard to prove the validity of your case and to ensure you can fight for the recovery you deserve. Our lawyer will:

  • Investigate the details of your case
  • Document the fall site, if possible
  • Identify and interview witnesses
  • Compile supporting evidence
  • Search for photos and videos

We also handle the complex negotiation process for you. Our team members will field and assess each monetary offer you receive and weigh its pros and cons so you can make a well-informed decision. Our goal is to ensure your right to recovery is respected and the at-fault party lives up to their financial responsibility.

The Types of Evidence We Collect

Most personal injury cases are settled out of court once evidence is presented and assessed. Our goal is to resolve your case with a favorable settlement. If that cannot happen, we do not hesitate to file a personal injury lawsuit and keep fighting for the recoverable damages you are entitled to.

The evidence we collect for you will do two important things—prove the cause of your accident and prove its related costs. Evidence will include:

  • Your accident or incident report
  • Your medical records and bills
  • Statements from eyewitnesses
  • Photos of the location of your fall
  • Smartphone and security video

Many pieces of evidence will fit into both categories. We will sort and organize your evidence into a structure that supports your case. We also present it to the at-fault party and their insurer to steer your case toward a favorable financial settlement.

Typical Injuries in a Slip and Fall Accident

Wrist, hand, and arm injuries are common in a slip and fall accident. This is because people generally use their upper body to break their fall. Common injuries in this kind of accident may include:

  • Concussion
  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI)
  • Broken collarbone
  • Slipped or herniated spinal disk
  • Twisted, sprained, or broken ankle, foot, or toe injuries
  • Broken tailbone
  • Facial or dental lacerations
  • Contusions
  • Internal bleeding

Even minor injuries can result in expensive medical bills, lost time at work, and pain and suffering. A slip and fall lawyer serving Austin will seek a recovery if you qualify.

Common Factors in a Slip and Fall Accident

Our personal injury lawyers have helped injured people in similar circumstances to your own and we believe that you should obtain financial recovery for your damages, if your case qualifies.

A slip and fall accident can happen anywhere and to anyone. Some common hazards that can cause slip and fall accidents include:

  • Poor lighting or visibility
  • Broken or uneven pavement or floor
  • Broken or missing handrail
  • Torn or ripped carpeting
  • Dangerously stacked or arranged merchandise
  • Spills, drips, or leaks

It is important to report a slip and fall accident right away. Texas law requires property owners to keep their property safe from unsafe conditions on their property. There are times when a dishonest property owner will quickly remove or repair the hazard you slipped on to try and avoid liability and responsibility for the accident. If possible, take pictures or videos of the scene. This helps present your case to the insurance company or the court. Our slip and fall lawyers will conduct a thorough investigation of the accident scene.

If You Were Injured in a Slip and Fall Accident at Work

You are entitled to a safe working environment. If you were injured at work, please take the following steps:

  • Get medical care
  • Report the slip and fall to your supervisor
  • Call one of our slip and fall lawyers

A slip and fall lawyer from D. Miller & Associates, PLLC™ can seek a potential recovery if you were injured in a slip and fall accident at work, in a store, or in someone’s home.

Reviews and Recommendations From Previous Clients

Our lawyers and team members work hard to make every client a priority. When they talk about their experience seeking a financial recovery with our firm, previous clients say:

  • George Sanchez: “I am very pleased with the [assistance] I’ve gotten from this company [and] Ms. Ala Cordero…She helped me get my settlement with no issues and her customer assistance was phenomenal. I highly recommend going to her. I’d definitely be a returning customer.”
  • Norma G: “Highly satisfied with my experience. Natalie and staff are professional and do everything in their hands to accommodate everyone’s needs. They genuinely care about their clients. I certainly don’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone I know. Thank you for all you do!”

Outstanding client care is an important part of our legal service and support. Read more about it on our client testimonials page.

Slip and Fall Lawyers With D. Miller & Associates, PLLC™ Protect Your Rights

Slip and fall accidents can leave you injured and disoriented. A slip and fall lawyer serving Austin will protect your rights as a plaintiff and help you seek a financial recovery if you qualify. There is no charge for a case evaluation.

Please contact D. Miller & Associates, PLLC™ for a free case evaluation.