How To File Your Texas Dog Bite Lawsuit

Dog bite attacks can be traumatic with severe injuries. While most of us think we know what to do after a dog attack, do you know the one thing Texas law requires?

Dog Bite Beware Of Dog SignAccording to the Texas State Health and Safety Code (Chapter 8-26), you must report every animal bite to the authorities.

This report is required by law with the intention of protecting others from a potential dog bite. So along with seeking the proper medical attention for the dog bite victim and securing the attacking animal, remember to call 311 to report the incident.

To report a dog bite, call 311 with the following information:

  • Name of person bitten
  • Contact info for both the victim and dog owner
  • Date,time, and address where bite occurred
  • Description of the animal

It is important to remember that any dog, no matter what breed or size can potentially attack. Visit this page for more info on how to avoid dog bites.

The statute of limitations for filing a personal injury lawsuit, such as a dog bite lawsuit in a Texas civil court is 2 years. The clock starts running when the attack occurred, which means your attorney will file your case before time runs out. Each state may have a different deadline and requirements for filing your claim so we do recommend that you contact our legal team for evaluation of your particular situation.

Also, Texas is a “One Bite Rule” state which basically means that the owner must have acted negligently in order for the injured to recover damages. Our attorneys will work with you to discover if the dog’s owner knew their animal was aggressive or had even bitten someone in the past. In some cases, the owner can be found negligent if they didn’t have the dog under control which caused the injuries. We have the experience and knowledge to help you reach the maximum settlement possible.

Please call us as soon as possible after treatment for your dog bite. You will find out instantly if you have a claim because of your injury. Your personal injury lawyer in Houston will determine which causes of action best fit your case. This can include negligence, violation of animal control laws, failure to stop a dog attack and knowingly keeping a vicious dog.

Remember, call 311 first and then call us if you have been a victim of a dog attack.