Who Is at Fault in a Freeway Merge Accident?

Who Is at Fault in a Freeway Merge Accident? 

In many cases, a negligent driver is at fault in a freeway merge accident. When two cars collide while one is merging on a freeway, it can be hard to determine who is at fault on your own. A car accident attorney from our firm can evaluate the accident, speak to witnesses, and negotiate a settlement on your behalf.   


The lawyer who handles your case will help you determine who is at fault if you were involved in a freeway merge accident. Your lawyer will also help you collect evidence and build a compelling case file. You could obtain the financial recovery you need to start putting your life back together.  


The Importance of Defining Fault in Your Freeway Merge Accident 


Determining who is at fault in a freeway merge accident is important because we cannot recover damages from the at-fault party until they are identified. Liability can be proven by establishing negligence. The four legal elements of negligence include: 


  • Duty of care: The at-fault driver’s responsibility to drive safely and responsibly 
  • Breach of duty: The at-fault driver’s failure to meet their responsibility to drive safely 
  • Causation: The accident would not have occurred if not for the at-fault driver’s negligent actions 
  • Damages: The accident’s resulting financial expenses and losses 


Documenting the at-fault driver’s negligence is critical to your case. A lawyer from our firm will take care of collecting the evidence that proves your right to financial recovery. 


What Evidence Do You Need To Prove Your Right to Financial Recovery After an Accident? 


Since representatives for either side were not present at the time of the collision, personal injury cases rely heavily on evidence to tell the story of the accident. The lawyer who represents you may collect the following evidence on your behalf: 


  • Your car accident report that documents how the accident happened 
  • Your medical records and bills that prove the cause and resulting costs of the accident 
  • Your employment records that prove your accident-related loss of income 
  • Accident scene and injury photos, along with dashcam, security, and surveillance video 
  • Statements from anyone who witnessed the accident  


Your lawyer may also request you to provide a written statement to clarify the toll the accident took on your personal, social, and professional life. They can also collect evidence you might find hard to obtain on your own. This can include the at-fault driver’s driving record and accident history. 


Damages You Can Recover After a Freeway Merge Accident 


An accident between two vehicles merging on a freeway can be dangerous. It can even be potentially fatal. After the accident, your lawyer will help you recover a range of damages that will vary based on the details and severity of the collision. In general, it’s possible to recover: 


  • Economic damages including past and future medical bills, loss of income, loss of future earning capacity, treatment-related travel expenses, and property damage or total loss 
  • Non-economic damages including physical disability or disfigurement, past and present pain and suffering, mental and emotional anguish, and diminished quality of life 
  • Wrongful death damages (where applicable) including funeral and burial expenses, loss of a loved one’s income, and loss of consortium, companionship, and guidance 


The attorney who handles your case will make sure it receives a fair assessment. They will also negotiate with the at-fault party and fight hard for the financial outcome you need. 


Do You Need a Lawyer To Pursue Recoverable Damages in a Freeway Merge Case? 


You could attempt to negotiate with the at-fault driver and their insurance company on your own. Doing so, though, can be complex, frustrating, and time-consuming. When a lawyer from our firm handles your case for you, they can: 


  • Investigate the accident and its cause 
  • Assess the monetary value of your case 
  • Communicate with the insurance company 
  • Gather, organize, and present supporting evidence 
  • Draft and file your insurance claim or lawsuit 
  • Consult and interview witnesses 
  • Clarify complex legal and insurance language 
  • Ensure the appropriate statute of limitations is met 


The lawyer who represents you can also field settlement offers and weigh the pros and cons of each. They can help you make a well-informed settlement decision and fight for a fair outcome in your case. 


Call Us for a Free Evaluation of Your Freeway Merge Accident Case 


After a freeway merge accident, you can hold the at-fault party accountable. At D. Miller & Associates, PLLC®, we will examine the details of your freeway merge accident. We also document who was at fault and help you build a strong case against the negligent driver.  


Learn more about how we can help your freeway merge accident case by calling us today for your case evaluation.