Determining Fault in a Left Turn Car Accident 

Determining fault in a left-turn car accident will involve determining which driver had right of way at an intersection. Drivers making a left turn must yield to oncoming traffic, and they must signal to other road users that they are about to make a left turn. Oncoming drivers must also abide by traffic laws and avoid speeding, running red lights, and driving while distracted when entering an intersection so that they do not hit turning drivers. 

Depending on the circumstances of a collision, either driver involved can be at fault and both drivers may even share fault in an accident. If you or a loved one suffered injuries in a left-turn car accident, you can hire a personal injury attorney from our law firm to represent you and fight for your potential financial recovery. We offer the first consultation for free to evaluate your case and discuss your legal options. 

Left-Turn Drivers May Be Held Liable if They Failed to Yield 

As mentioned, determining fault in a left-turn car accident starts with determining which party had right of way in the intersection. Traffic laws vary by state, in that different rules may apply based on the types of roads found in the state, such as T-intersections or one-ways. Texas traffic law dictates that drivers making left turns must yield to oncoming traffic in the following scenarios: 

  • When waiting at a stop sign 
  • When there is a red light for the turning lane 
  • When they are in a median 
  • When they are crossing oncoming traffic to enter or exit a roadway 

Many states have similar yield laws for left turns. In these scenarios, oncoming traffic has the right of way. If a turning driver fails to yield to oncoming traffic and causes an accident, they may be held liable for any injuries or other damages resulting from the collision.  

How Comparative Negligence May Affect an Accident Case 

In some cases, both parties may share fault in an accident. While turning drivers must yield to oncoming traffic, oncoming drivers may share fault in the accident if they: 

  • Ran a red light to cross the intersection 
  • Were distracted while driving, such as by the radio, a road sign, or other passengers in the vehicle 
  • Were speeding 
  • Were intoxicated by drugs or alcohol at the time of the collision 

Depending on the state you live in, your case may be affected by “comparative negligence” laws. Comparative negligence involves assigning a percentage of fault to the plaintiff and defendant, which then determines how much the defendant pays out. Some states, like Texas, require plaintiffs to be no more than 50 percent at fault to qualify for financial recovery. 

If you decide to hire a car accident lawyer from our law firm, we can collect evidence to support your case and establish why the defendant should be held liable for your damages. 

What Kind of Evidence Do You Need in a Left Turn Car Accident Case? 

Whether you were the turning or oncoming driver in your car accident, you will need evidence to support your claims. Our legal team can retrieve evidence for you to establish key facts of your case, such as how the accident happened, the severity of your injuries, and the extent of damages you suffered since the accident.  

Some examples of evidence we may collect for you include: 

  • Photographs of the accident scene 
  • Video footage that captured the accident, such as video footage from traffic cameras, dashboard cameras, surveillance cameras from buildings nearby, or witnesses’ cellphone cameras 
  • Eyewitness testimony 
  • Expert witness testimony, such as analysis from accident reconstruction experts 
  • Records, such as black box data records or cellphone records if applicable 
  • Breathalyzer or blood sample tests if the other party might have been intoxicated at the time of the collision 

Our legal team will conduct a separate investigation into your case and will provide other services to you as our client, such as handling communications with insurance adjusters, negotiating settlement terms if possible, and filling out paperwork to submit your case within its statutory deadline. An attorney from our team will represent you in all legal appearances, including trial should you decide to pursue a lawsuit. 

Were You Injured in an Accident? We Can Help You Fight for Financial Recovery 

If you were injured in a left-turn accident, you may qualify for the following types of damages: 

  • Medical treatment expenses 
  • Pain and suffering and inconvenience 
  • Property damage 
  • Emotional distress 
  • Loss of income 
  • Reduced earning potential 
  • Permanent disability 
  • Diminished quality of life 

When you call our firm, we can discuss other damages not listed here that might pertain to your case. 

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