No one can ever predict the outcome of a personal injury case. Resolving one means proving the negligent party owed you a duty of care, failed to provide it, and caused your injuries. You must also prove their negligence caused your financial consequences. A personal injury lawyer can help you negotiate a favorable settlement or represent you in court.

Recovering damages after a personal injury case can be a long process. Most cases will end with a settlement, but some will go to court. For those who proved negligence, some have won substantial settlements and verdicts in their personal injury cases. These are ten of the biggest personal injury settlements ever.

$206 Billion Tobacco Industry Master Settlement Agreement

Most states in the U.S. came together to receive $206 billion dollars in settlement funds from the nation’s four largest tobacco companies. The settlement will be paid over the course of 25 years. Rather than award damages to any individual, the settlement helps hospitals and other care facilities care for injured cigarette smokers. A portion of the funds will also go toward decreasing the number of smokers, particularly young smokers.

$150 Billion Burn Victim Case in Texas

The family of a young boy who was sexually assaulted and set on fire by a teenager received damages after their child was injured in the assault. The child suffered burns on over 90% of his body and later succumbed to skin cancer his family attributed to his burns. Though nothing will undo their tragedy, the family was eventually awarded $150 billion in damages which can ensure they get the help and support they need.

$8 Billion Janssen Pharmaceuticals Inc in Pennsylvania

After taking the antipsychotic drug, Risperdal, since 2003 to treat schizophrenia, one victim began to develop signs of gynecomastia—the growth of breast tissue in men. The patient was not warned of this side effect and was previously awarded $680,000 in compensatory damages. His $8 billion judgement was later reduced to $6.8 million by a Pennsylvania judge.

$4.9 Billion General Motors Case

A family of two adults and four children was awarded $4.9 billion after their General Motors vehicle caught fire and exploded. The entire family suffered severe burns due to the vehicle’s fuel tank. Damages included $107 million for pain, suffering, and disfigurement and $4.8 billion in punitive damages. The family’s financial award was later reduced to $1.2 billion.

$4.69 Billion Johnson & Johnson Talc Ovarian Cancer Case in Missouri

After decades of using Johnson & Johnson talc powder, women were developing ovarian cancer due to the asbestos found in the powder. In a Missouri court case, 22 women with ovarian cancer related to their years of talc powder use were awarded $500 million in damages and $4.14 billion in punitive damages.

$2.2 Billion Pharmacist Medical Malpractice in Kansas

After a pharmacist admitted to the scam of diluting patients’ chemotherapy, the Kansas court awarded the victim $578,881 in damages. The federal government collected the rest of the settlement as punitive damages for a victims’ fund.

$2 Billion Monsanto Roundup Case in California

After developing cancer related to the use of Roundup weed killer, one couple won a $2 billion dollar award from the product’s manufacturer. The injured couple cited Bayer AG’s failure to provide warnings about their glyphosate-based weed killer. The judgement was recently reduced to $86.7 million by a California judge.

$1.1 Billion Drunk Driving Accident Case in North Dakota

The families of two fatally injured victims and the lone survivor of a drunk driving accident were awarded punitive and compensatory damages. Damages awarded to the surviving victim and to the surviving family of the other victims included more than $295 Million in punitive damages. The driver also received a 25-year prison sentence.

$60 Million Train Derailment Case

The manager of a gas station manager was injured in his office at the business. Though he survived the incident, the victim was left with a life-altering traumatic brain injury. His settlement included $46 million in damages and $14 million in interest.

$38 Million Hyundai Motors Co. in Wisconsin

After being paralyzed from the chest down in a low speed, rear-end collision, a car accident victim asserted that the 2013 Hyundai Elantra he was driving, not the driver of the other vehicle, was responsible for his injuries and paralysis. Citing the design of his vehicle’s headrest, the victim was awarded $32 million of the total $38 million from Hyundai.

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